Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Split Again Each other?

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Split Again Each other?

Why did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Split Each other?

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After reconciling, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman have decided to go their own ways…again.

The Imagine Dragons vocalist and his wife have decided to end their marriage after reconciling in 2019.


Reynolds, 35, tweeted on September 16 that he and his partner of many years, Aja, had broken up. For us, nothing is more important than doing our best as parents to our children.

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All these years, we appreciate your unwavering love and care for us.

The couple wed in March 2011, and the couple’s daughter, Arrow Eve Reynolds, was born the following year. They had their twins, Gia and Coco, in 2017, and a year later Reynolds and Volkman announced they were divorcing.

The split, however, proved to be just brief.

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Eight months later, Volkman (then 42) revealed that he and his wife were making up and “rebuilding” their relationship.

You have my admiration, @danreynolds. She accompanied a family photo with the caption, “I’m proud of your humility and ability to still show up as the basketball teaching baby loving Dad that you are,” posted on Instagram in January 2019.

This has been a wild ride, I realize that. It has been the final straw on numerous occasions. After a year of bloodshed, we’ve finally begun to put ourselves back together.

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What are the Main Reason Behind Their Divorce?

The “Thunder” musician and the Nico Vega frontwoman got married in 2011; that was almost a full year before they had their first child. Arrow, 10, Gia, 5, and Coco, 5, and 2-year-old Valentine are all children of the marriage.

In October of 2019, not long after Reynolds and Volkman reconciled after their breakup, Valentine officially became part of the family.

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Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Split Again Each other?

Even though they had been estranged for some time, the Nevadan and Volkman were both optimistic that their relationship could be repaired.

The two hadn’t talked in “seven months” when she sent him a text message that turned his world “upside down,” he said in a March 2021 TikTok video, prompting the question, “Have you ever gotten a text that transformed your life?

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She told me she loved me regardless of whether or not she owned me,” Reynolds recalled. I knew I could count on her affection since it was unconditional.

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We skipped out on the lawyers in favor of lunch.

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