Zombie Land Saga Season 3 Drops Soon: A New Dawn of Horror-Comedy!

Zombie Land Saga's Season 3 Release Date

‘Zombie Land Saga’ has not yet been officially confirmed for season 3 as of the time of writing.

However, given the ratings we already noted, there is a strong likelihood that it will return. A third season’s plot can also be easily established by the fact that the second season ended on a cliffhanger.

In the coming weeks or months, further information concerning the renewal is anticipated to be revealed. But there is good news. A Zombie Land Saga anime film is currently under production. In Japan’s Zombie Land Saga LIVE event in October, the new movie project was revealed.

Like the first season, the second one features a shocking cliffhanger that viewers will never forget. We observed Franchouchou pursuing her objective of achieving global fame throughout the second season. Season 3 imminent events have the viewers eagerly anticipating further information.

When Will Season 3 of “Zombie Land Saga” Be Released?

There Is Still No Official Release Date for The Anime Because Season 3 Has Not yet Been Renewed. If the anime is revived in the coming months and starts production right away, season 3 might debut in 2023 or 2024.

Zombie Land Saga's Season 3 Release Date

This forecast is based on the past seasons’ release schedules. The first season began airing in October 2018 and concluded that month. In the same month that the anime was launched, the manga also made its debut.

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What Happens In The Season 2 Of “Zombie Land Saga”?

Franchouchou gave their best performance ever in the season 2 finale. But in the conclusion, we watch Kotaro weaken and start coughing up blood, so it’s possible that he could pass away and then come back to life as another zombie.

We saw a spaceship in the interim, and then the episode ended.

We anticipate that the girls will become famous around the world in season 3. Fans’ fascinating theories about season 3 include whether the season’s antagonists would be aliens. Season 3 will reveal all, and we can’t wait.

This anime’s plot mirrors the opulent idol industry and Japanese popular culture. The protagonist of the narrative is a fresh-faced high school student named Sakura Minamoto. She had always been attracted by the lives of her idols and yearned to live them.


She has another dream besides being an idol, and at first, I thought it was pretty strange. She desired to turn into a zombie. As she pursued her goal of being an idol, she set out to submit her application, but while she was traveling, she was severely injured by a truck.

At that time, the accident results in her demise. We’ll delve deeply into Franchouchou’s life and dreams in the third season.

In comparison to other anime series, this one has a really unique plot.

Zombie Land Saga Season 3: Who Will Return?


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Is a Season 3 Trailer Available for “Zombie Land Saga”?

The third season of “Zombie Land Saga” has yet to receive an official trailer or a confirmation of renewal. On the other hand, a little movie teaser video was recently posted to the official Zombie Land Saga Twitter page. Take a look at this below!


The comic and horror themes of the individuals and people who can’t wait any longer are the focus of the show. The plot centers on Sakura and the other six members’ lives as idols.

The official has not yet confirmed the continuation of Season 3, and fans are anticipating a quick announcement. You should definitely take this anime into consideration if you want to try something new in the world of anime.