Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2: Cancelled? Renewal, Plot & Release Date


‘Bokutachi no Remake’, or ‘Remake Our Life’, is a light novel series. In 2021, the first episode of “Remake Our Life” debuted. Nachi Kio’s light book is the inspiration for this fantastic series. Same as novel’s title:

The series’ name is the same Remake Our Life’s director Tomoki Kobayashi is a Japanese filmmaker. Fronting, on the other hand, is said to be behind the film’s production.

Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2

Overall, there are nine books in the series. The first volume of this nine-part novel series was published in March of this year.

The manga was later released in November 2018 by the creator. Studio Feel opted to turn the manga into an anime adaptation. When the anime adaptation was launched in July 2021, they put out the first episode.

In the Summer of 2021, the first season of the series was able to make an impression on the audience. The series was a big hit with many people, and the fan base grew significantly. On September 25, 2021, the first season ended.

There has been an insatiable need among fans ever since for a second season. Season 2 of ‘Remake Our Life’ is eagerly anticipated by the audience.

“Will there be a season 2?”, “What will be the narrative of season 2?”, and “Who are the cast members?” all come up at this point. As far as we can tell, we’re here to address all of your inquiries using the facts we have. So that’s what we’ve learned so far!

Release Date for the Second Season of “Remake Our Life”.

The first season of ‘Remake Our Life’ was published on July 3rd, 2021. Tokyo MX was the first to broadcast the inaugural season.

On September 25, 2021, the first season ended. The total number of episodes in the series was 12. Twenty to twenty-four minutes are allotted for each episode.

Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2: Cancelled?

There has been no official word on whether or not the sequel would be renewed as of yet. About the other hand, there has been no word on the show’s cancellation either. So there’s a possibility of a second season.

Viewers seemed to like the anime series. The show has an incredible IMDb rating of 7.2 and a 7.7-star average. Because of the series’ outstanding ratings, there is a good likelihood that it will be renewed. Thus, there may be a second season in the works.

Season 2 might be released by the end of 2022 if the anime begins production immediately. Keep checking back for updates on when ‘Remake Our Life’ Season 2 will be available.

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What Could the Theme of Season 2 of Remake Our Life Be?

Season 1 finishes with Keiko meeting Kyouya, who is willing to risk everything to return to the past and be with his friends, no matter how difficult it would be. In order to say farewell to his wife and children, however, the protagonist first has to say goodbye to himself.

Later, Kyouya admits he has been trying too hard to influence other people, instead of just allowing them to make their own decisions, to Keiko. He goes back in time to mend things the first time, but this time he remembers what he’d learnt the first time.

Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2: Cancelled?

Tsurayuki, who dropped out, is unable to be located, despite Nanako’s interest in singing for a game. Shino, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate little interest in or enthusiasm for the visual arts.

An art student who will become famous in the future is Minori Ayaka, Kyouya meets towards the conclusion of this episode.

The protagonist will be inspired to action in Season 2 after realizing that his companions are still not doing what they should be.

As a result of his interaction with Minori Ayaka, Kyouka will accept her aid in helping Shino fall in love with art again. Meanwhile, he’ll be visiting his parent’s home with a group of pals to try to track down Tsurayuki. For the first time in a long time, the audience may anticipate Kyouka finally choose between Nanako and Shino.

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Season 2 of ‘Remake Our Life’ features the following Actors:

Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2: Cancelled?

The following people have lent their voices to the first season of “Remake Our Life”:

  1. Masahiro Itou portrays Kyoya Hashiba in the film.
  2. As Aki Shino, Aoi Koga is referred to.
  4. Nanako Kogure is played by Aimi Terakawa in the film.
  5. In the role of Eiko Kawasega, Nao Touyama
  6. Rie Takahashi portrays Ayaka Minori in the film.

The Cast and Crew of The Anime My Happy Marriage

The tweet was more than just an announcement. It listed all of the people who helped bring this concept to life, including voice actors, animators, and directors.

To begin, Takehiro Kubota is the director who will provide the anime his or her own perspective. A large team of writers is hard at work refining every aspect of the show.

Bokutachi Remake Our Life Season 2: Cancelled?

The primary scriptwriters are Momoka Toyoda, Ami Sato, and Takehiro. On the other hand, storyboards will be managed by Takao Abo. Like many of its other popular series, this one is being produced by Studio Kinema Citrus.

Who, exactly, are the main characters in this uplifting anime? The two lead voice actors for the series are included in the original post.

Got any ideas? Reportedly, Reina Uda will be lending her voice to Miyo Saimori, while Kaito Ishikawa will take on the role of Kiyoka Kuda. While the rest of the cast has yet to be announced, we can rest assured that only the most talented professionals will be considered.

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