How Much Roxanne Shanté Net Worth? Everyone Wants to see Here’s His Richest Life!

How Much Roxanne Shanté Net Worth?

Early Years and Profession

Shante’s birthday is March 8th, 1970. A young female rapper named Marley Marl met Bruce Bailey and Billy Beaver, DJ Mr.

Magic, and record label executive Marley Marl in 1984 outside the Queensbridge public housing complex.

 How Much Roxanne Shanté Net Worth?

  1. After the rappers from U.T.F.O. didn’t show up for a show, the four of them discussed the group. U.T.F.O. just released a track titled “Hanging Out,” which was met with mixed reviews from music reviewers.
  2. The B-side “Roxanne, Roxanne,” about a woman who ignored their approaches, became a massive smash.
  3. A member of the Juice Crew named Shante was recruited to pen a counter-rap to U.T.F.O.’s rap, in which she would play the role of Roxanne.
  4. ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ by Marley Marl was based on the instrumental grooves of the original ‘Roxanne, Roxanne’ recording. As a result of the song’s success, Shante, who was only 14 at the time, was recognized as one of the first female MCs to receive widespread recognition.
  5. After this, the “Roxanne Wars” began, but Shante continued to release new rap music and tour with her producer, the Real Roxanne.
  6. In 1985, Shante released a record with a battle rap in which he called out fellow rapper Spark. In her song “Sparky’s Turn, Roxanne You’re Through,” Sparky D called her out for disrespecting U.T.F.O. and for being too young to be in rap wars.

Film Roxanne, Film

It was at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival when the film about Shante’s life, starring Roxanne Roxanne, the first female rapper in the world, made its world premiere.


Reviews were positive, and its star turn by Chanté Adams, who played the title character, Shante, was recognized with a prize.

Michael Larnell penned the screenplay and served as the film’s director.

To achieve their goals, Forest Whitaker and Pharrell Williams collaborated. Neon, a film production company, purchased it and will release it to the public sometime in 2017.


Both the New York Times and the London Times have crowned Roxanne Shante “Queen of Rap.” According to the second, she is responsible for popularizing diss tracks among female rappers worldwide.

 How Much Roxanne Shanté Net Worth?

  1. According to Billboard editor Natalie Weiner, who dubbed Shante “rap’s first female star,” her “blazingly male-shaming diss tune” and “hip-first hop’s documented conflict” helped bring hip-hop closer to the mainstream.
  2. This led to her being recognized as “a role model for decades of female MCs and an early proponent of women’s rights in rap.” According to The Christian Science Monitor from 1989, the success of singers like Roxanne Shante, Salt-N-Pepa, and MC Lyte paved the way for subsequent generations of female hip-hop artists.

The Life of Roxanne Shante, What Is It like?

  • The real name of Roxanne Shante is Lolita Shante Gooden. She entered the world on November 5, 1969, in Queens, New York.
  • Nia Long and her sisters were raised by their mother, so it’s safe to say that she’s a product of maternal love. Her aunts and uncles are Monique Williams and Fatima Goodman.


  • Their relationship was difficult, especially between her and her mother.

    Roxanne started rapping when she was just 9 years old. At the age of fourteen, she made the decision to change her name.

Characteristics of Roxanne Shante’s Academic Background

  1. Roxanne Shante, according to the press, studied at Marymount Manhattan College in New York. The entire experience lasted for only three months and resulted in no formal education whatsoever.
  2. In addition, her bio mentions that she earned a doctorate in psychology from Cornell. A lot of people have made assumptions about her past.

Dates, Husbands, and Kids All Fall Under the Category of “Private Life.”

Roxanne Shante and Jabbar Ali tied the knot in 2017. Neither of them have any other kids, so Tajze Bryan is an only child.

 How Much Roxanne Shanté Net Worth?

She was only 15 years old when she gave birth to her son, Kareem. Rapper must have gone through a lot of struggles after having a child at a young age. Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie have long been rumored to have babysat her kids.

Opportunities for Roxanne Shante in Her Profession

In 1983, Roxanne Shante became a member of the hip-hop ensemble ‘Juice Crew. It was started by DJ Mr. Majic, and it has since put out several “response” records.

The year 1991 marked the end of Juice Crew’s business operations.

In 1985, she recorded a song with DJ Sparky D.


  • She went up against Busy Bee Starski the next year in a battle for the title of “greatest freestyle rapper.” Her debut album as a solo artist came out in 1989 under the title “Bad Sister.” A moderate success, reaching 52 on Billboard’s Hip-Hop Albums chart, was as high as it got.
  • Her second album, “The Bitch Is Back,” was released in 1992. Some of her hit hits are “Have a Nice Day,” “Go On, Girl,” “Independent Woman,” and “What’s Going On.

    ” She published an album of her music in 1995.

  • She has also appeared in several films and TV episodes with accompanying soundtracks, such as “Colors,” “Lean on Me,” “Girls Town,” and “Sisters in the Name of Rap.” Her life was the inspiration for the film Roxanne Roxanne, released in 2017.

What Roxanne Shante Has Won and What She Has Done?

Despite her many accomplishments, Roxanne Shante has not yet been properly honored. However, she has rebounded and will likely be honored in the near future. A lot of people considered Shante to be the real deal when it came to hip-hop.

More Public Appearances and Work

Shante had already left the music industry by the time she turned 25. She never stopped giving live concerts and making guest appearances. She has also employed many rap-battle strategies. In addition, she appeared in a few Sprite commercials in the late ’90s.

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The year 2008 marked her comeback to the stage. Her song “Roxanne’s Revenge” peaked at #42 on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs that same year.

She also redubbed the song a year later. More importantly, Roxanne Roxanne, a dramatized biopic about Shante’s life, premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

The Importance of the World Wide Web

Some estimates put Roxanne Shante’s net worth at close to $500,000, and such numbers come primarily from insider sources.


Money from Shante’s rapping career is by far the most consistent source of income in her life. However, details on her annual salary, personal property, and other endorsements are not provided.

Circumstances of One’s Personal Life

Unfortunately, no details or information about Roxanne Shante’s past or present relationships can be found. Roxanne would rather not discuss or reveal the specifics of her romantic situation.

Sundance Report: How 'Roxanne Roxanne' Tells Coming of Age Story of Hip-Hop Pioneer — and Introduces Breakout Star Chanté Adams

She seems to be alone and not involved with anyone. Roxanne Shante doesn’t seem to have any sort of niche expertise in the field of personal relationships and intimacy. The rapper is probably trying to highlight her professional life and career progression.

Dimensions of Social Media and Body Type

Her height and weight are currently unavailable on public records or any social media sites. Yet, she has soft brown eyes. The color of her hair is also dark.

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