What Is Souper Cubes Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank?


You may recall two entrepreneurs presenting their product, Souper Cubes, on an episode of Shark Tank. You can keep your soups, stews, and other foods fresh for a long time in these tiny plastic cubes with individual containers.

The business owners received a $400,000 investment from one of the “sharks” after successfully pitching their concept on Shark Tank. However, once the Shark Tank episode aired, what became of Souper Cubes?

Can You Explain Souper Cubes?

Imagine a typical scenario. You’ve made a huge pot of curry, chili, or soup. Put it away in the fridge or freezer in convenient portions.

Once you get home from a long day at the office, you might want to heat up one of those containers full of home-cooked goodies. After waiting for an hour, you are seated and can begin eating.

What Is Souper Cubes Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank?

If anything, your hunger and exhaustion will have increased by that time. The worst-case scenario is that you make a huge pot of soup, forget about it for a week or two, and then it goes bad.

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What is Souper Cubes Net Worth?

Souper Cubes already were worth a lot even before their appearance on Shark Tank. With the added exposure and capital from Lori Greiner, they have been able to grow their business even more and their net worth has increased significantly.

What Is Souper Cubes Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank?

  • It is estimated that Souper Cubes is now worth $8 million! When Souper Cubes started out, the company’s value was estimated to be only $3 million. Now with their success and sudden increase in valuation; they are now valued at almost three times what everyone expected them to be worth.
  • This really goes to show that appearing on Shark Tank can really be a game-changer for businesses.
  • There are four different sizes of Souper Cubes freezer trays to choose from two cups, one cup, two tablespoons, and half a cup. When you’re done with your soup, dinner, casserole, broth, or other cuisines, you can store the leftovers in your favorite souper cube. The next step is to cover it and put it in the fridge or freezer.
  • Just defrost the meal in the microwave when you want to consume it. Due to the cleverly divided servings, you need only reheat what you’ll use. Souper cubes seem like standard ice cube trays, but their silicone construction makes it simple to remove your frozen meals.
  • Take the food out with a pop and reheat it in the way you like. The trays used for Souper Cubes can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

The Cost of Souper Cubes

A single item will run you $19.95, regardless of the number of servings, while a two-pack will set you back $36.99. This set of four trays is available for $69.99. Prices for the two-tablespoon package start at $31.99.

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Food in the Shark Tank: Souper Cubes

When the time came, Jake and Michelle entered the Shark Tank optimistic. They presented their goods to the sharks and asked for $400,000 in exchange for 5% ownership.

What Is Souper Cubes Net Worth Before and After Shark Tank?

  • Michelle and Jake showed out the sharks demo film they made with their buddy Sasan. The pair made some tasty soup with the help of Souper Cubes, as seen in the video.
  •  The sharks found it really funny. Even Mark Cuban gushed over the tongue-in-cheek name choice for the product, noting that it was simple to remember and had a catchy rhythm.
  • Michelle and Jake then went on to detail the product’s unique design elements and how they set it apart from competing storage solutions. Moreover, they had given the sharks taste tests of the frozen liquid chunks.
  • The sharks had faith in the product’s potential and wanted to invest. When Lori asked Michelle how much money they were making, she said that thus far in 2019, their work has brought in roughly $940,000. which is mostly because of their massive online following.
  • According to Michelle and Jake, the majority of their sales (78%) come from Amazon, followed by 8% from their website and 14% from brick-and-mortar stores. Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table are among the companies they have partnered with already.
  • Sharks are shocked by the revenue and have quipped that they no longer require a shark. But Jake and Michelle made it clear that they want to find a business mentor so that they may improve their decision-making skills. Money is helpful since it can be used toward future expansion.


Where did Souper Cubes go after Shark Tank? Prior to their appearance on the show, Jake and Michelle had already established a successful business.

They’ve been working hard to get their product into retailers like Williams-Sonoma since the show aired in February 2021. The number of five-star ratings on Amazon keeps rising, and the couple’s estimated net worth has topped $8 million.

As a whole, Jake and Michelle have been successful in the years after their participation on Shark Tank. They’re gradually increasing the variety of products they offer and attracting a dedicated following of buyers.

As for us, we can’t wait to see what other ideas they come up with. We appreciate you sticking with them as their journey unfolds. Stay tuned for more developments, which we will be sure to report to you on.


Souper Cubes, How Are You Doing?

Souper Cubes has grown since appearing on Shark Tank, and its current worth is estimated at $8 million.

It appears that their high ratings were a result of both their brilliant advertising and their appearance on the show. You can buy their wares through their official website as well as several retail locations.

It’s not easy for any company to keep up with demand after being shown on national television, but it looks like Jake and Michelle are doing it well. For them, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and their business flourished afterward thanks to their exposure on the show.

Did Anyone from Shark Tank Bite on Souper Cubes?

In an episode of “Shark Tank,” Souper Cubes met with investor Lori Greiner and ultimately signed a deal with her. Shark agreed that it was a good investment and offered Jake and Michelle $400,000 for 5% equity, which was just what they needed.

Should You Buy Souper Cubes?

Those Souper Cubes are well worth the money. They’re handy for measuring out food portions, and they make dinner preparation a breeze. You can store liquids safely and avoid freezer burn on perishables with their help. They can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

They are inexpensive, and you may select the right size for your needs among their many options. You can buy them singly or in large quantities. You may easily acquire a set (or two!) of these useful trays because shipping is free on orders over $50.

What Is the Cube Root of A Souper?

The dimensions of the cubes are customizable based on the style of dray you choose. A variety of compartments in the trays are marked with fill lines to help you gauge how much soup or other liquid to put in each one.

The most widely purchased size is the 2-Cup version, which divides the total capacity into two pieces of 500ml each. There are four 250-ml compartments in a 1-Cup tray. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and needs.

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