Erica Mena Net Worth: How to This Celebrity Became So Rich?

Erica Mena Net Worth

Birth and Childhood

New York City’s Erica Mena was born Erica Jasmin Mena on November 8. Both Mena’s mother Sonia and her father Brian were born in the Caribbean; Sonia is Puerto Rican and Brian was Dominican. Forcing Sonia to sell narcotics, drug dealer Brian put her in jail, where she gave birth to their daughter Erica.


The sexual abuse, which Mena claims stopped when her mother was released from prison, began when she was a toddler.

What Erica said to “In her 2014 memoir “Rolling Out,” she revealed that when she was three years old, her older sister Lisa (then 18) “pulled me down.” This was a lot for her to handle. My mother’s response was along the lines of, “I don’t want her to suffer, I’ll have the state take her.” We had our share of problems in my family.”

During her time at Newburgh Free Academy in New York, Mena, then 14 years old, won MTV’s Jennifer Lopez Look-Alike contest.

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Erica Mena’s Net Worth

Erica Mena has been so popular and successful. If you are among the people searching for Erica Mena’s Net Worth, then here is the information. As per bouncemojo Erica Mena’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Name Erica Mena
Profession Actor, TV Personality, Writer, Model, Singer, Socialite, Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 8 November 1987
Age 34 years
Height 175 cm
Net Worth $1 million

The Professional Life of Erica Mena

At the age of 14, Erica Mena was recognized for her resemblance to Jennifer Lopez and given an award for it.


  • Her early career choice was to become a model. She was so confident in herself that she arranged her own modeling jobs.
  • She was engaged as a model by several companies, including L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rocawear.
  • Over the years, Erica has graced the covers of numerous prestigious periodicals.
  • King, The Source, and Maxim were just few of the magazines that were included.
  • Additionally, she dabbled in the field of literature. Her 2013 books “Underneath It All” and “Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette” are both authored by her.
  • Her success as a fashion model is the primary source of her income.
  • Additionally, she earns money through the sales of her clothing business, television appearance fees, and book royalties.
  • As she takes on more and more starring roles in films, Erica Mena’s popularity soars.

Erica Mena’s Private Life

Season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop: New York” centered on Erica and her manager Rich Dollaz. In Season 4, bisexual Mena began dating pop artist Cyn Santana. Erica and Cyn’s relationship ended in the fifth season.


At one point, Bow Wow was set to wed Mena. Rapper and TV star Safaree Samuels proposed to Mena on December 24th, 2018.

She informed Samuels on that fateful day in October of 2019 that they were expecting their first child. On October 7th, 2019, she tied the knot with Samuels at Legacy Castle in New Jersey.

They had a daughter in the year 2020. She informed Samuels about their impending second child on May 4, 2021. The media outlet TMZ reported on May 25, 2021, that Mena has formally requested a divorce from Samuels. A boy was born to them in 2021.

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Dimensions, Weight, and Age of Erica Mena

After arriving in 1987, Mena will turn 33 in 2020. Moreover, her Scorpio astrological sign is based on her November 8th birthday.


An admirable 170 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 7 inches, this American also weights a healthy 55 kilograms or 121 pounds. Further, her shoe size is 6, but she has no idea what her clothing size is.

Mena’s achievement

In April 2013, she released her autobiography “Underneath it All” that reveals her family conditions and the next book, “Chronicles of a confirmed Bachelorette”, covers her love life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s Dating Erica Mena, If Anyone?

Eventually, they end up splitting up in season five, and Erica starts dating rapper Bow Wow. Following that, they decided to get engaged.

What’s the status of Erica Mena’s unborn child?

Safaree and Erica Mena’s newborn son is currently being cared for at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Legend Brian Samuels, Mena and Samuels’s newborn boy, has been in the hospital since his birth at the end of June, according to a recent Instagram post by Mena.

Is It True That Erica Mena’s Baby Was Delivered Early?

The reality star announced the new baby’s name and noted that he and Mena are “staying strong” on Instagram. Reality actress Erica Mena shared the first photo of her newborn boy on Instagram after his premature birth.

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