What Gaming Companies Can Learn from Online Casinos?


Online casinos tend to be a great example for other businesses to follow. A lot of them have grown in recent years, even in a very competitive industry.

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Gaming is also a very competitive industry, with both huge studios and independent companies able to produce and distribute games.

If you check out this review of 22bet by CasinoTopsOnline, you will see that they have a lot to offer their customers, including allowing them a lot of flexibility in how they make deposits and gamble, plus a free platform that doesn’t charge any fees for signup or use.

Enhanced customer service

It isn’t news to business owners that customer service is highly valued by customers. However, a lot of gaming businesses are built around creative people who aren’t necessarily born business people.

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This means they need to learn a few lessons, and one of these relates to providing great customer service.

Most gamers know what it feels like when things don’t work. Experiencing the odd bug in the game is one thing, but there are many experiences customers might have that are much more frustrating than that, including if they make a microtransaction and they don’t receive the purchased item.

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Whether you’re providing huge games for PS5 or other consoles, or little independent games that can be enjoyed on mobile or PC, it is worth thinking about the ways that you can provide excellent customer service in order to avoid your game getting a bad rep.

Personalized experience

One of the ways that casino brands have grown and given their customers a great experience is to personalize things for them. For example, they may recommend certain games or mini games based on the types of games that the user has already played.

Casinos have also become very good at sending personalized offers via email and social media and creating an experience that is simple and more enjoyable for that specific person. Gaming companies can try to create the same experience for their users.

Better gameplay

The gameplay of casino games has constantly evolved over the years. Online casinos can be dated back to the 1990s, but they were incredibly basic back then and now they have become a lot more detailed, with better graphics, sounds and mini games. All of this helps to attract customers and keep players coming back.

Gaming in general has improved an incredible amount too when you think about gameplay, we’ve come a long ways since blocky PS1 games, and the realistic games we now have on consoles are unrecognizable.

The lesson for gaming companies to take from casinos is to constantly be evolving and improving. There is no real excuse not to be constantly improving your games, and that is true even if the graphics aren’t particularly amazing to start with. Look at a game like Minecraft, not known for realistic graphics, but it has continued to update and improve, and embrace the style that the game uses.

Secure financial transactions

We live in an age where people are very conscious of their finances, and they want to make sure that they are safe in all their financial transactions. Casinos have had to provide their users with safe and secure methods to make deposits and withdrawals, otherwise they would fall behind their competition.

One of the best ways for gaming companies to provide secure financial transactions is to partner with a professional distributor. You may be able to partner with companies such as Steam, who sell games to players all over the world and provide a trusted brand that a lot of gamers use all the time. Steam is a flexible platform that can even manage in-game transactions.

Ways to play

As you can see from online casinos, people demand a lot of different ways to play. This means new ways to log in and enjoy their games, and some can even be played across multiple platforms.

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Consider games such as Fortnite and the huge level of device compatibility that it offers.

Online casinos provide their users with loads of different games, including slot games and table games, and different options for playing those games, on different devices, displays and even different choices of orientation on the screen.

People want that kind of flexibility these days, especially in an age where people love to multitask and enjoy gaming along with doing other things.

Gaming companies should do all they can to increase their compatibility levels and let users play in whichever way they wish.

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