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Alex Jones Divorce News Is Confirmed or Not? Everyone Wants to know This Heartbreaking News!

Alex Jones Divorce News Is Confirmed or Not? Everyone Wants to know This Heartbreaking News!

Alex Jones Divorce News Is Confirmed or Not? Everyone Wants to know This Heartbreaking News!

According to texts found on Jones’ phone that were detailed to Rolling Stone by numerous sources, the conspiracy theorist has been using a network of informers and spies to discreetly monitor his ex-wife in recent years.

He has also reportedly employed a similar setup to track his current spouse. Texts containing the month, year, and time were occasionally read aloud to Rolling Stone.

According to three persons with knowledge of the situation and statements made to Rolling Stone, the messages detail intensive monitoring during his multi-year custody fight with his ex-wife Kelly Jones, including details on her locations and activities.

According to one of the informants, a disorganized “spy ring” of human intelligence was keeping tabs on the pundit’s ex-wife.

According to Kelly Jones, “Alex is infatuated with me, has been following me for years, and has done everything to infringe on my rights and personal freedom to impose himself into my life.

” “Waiting for his next malicious, deceptive, or outwardly frightening move occupies a large portion of my life.

That he is involved in this activity is not a surprise to me.

I’m quite interested in learning how widespread this is and whether it is even permitted.

Another of the sources claims the texts show Alex Jones’ spying extends to his present marriage. The source claimed that Jones’ phone showed he was keeping tabs on his current wife, Erika Wulff Jones, at least through the year 2020.

The texts show that Tim Enlow, a former Blackwater mercenary on Alex Jones’ security detail, was hired to find his wife. Throughout the texts, Alex Jones would inquire about updates on Wullff Jones’ whereabouts.

The source claims that Enlow’s comments included both Enlow’s own descriptions of her physical whereabouts and images of a GPS phone app that he claimed was tracking her car. When contacted for comment about whether she was aware Enlow was telling her husband where she was, Wulff Jones did not react.

What was the Reasons Behind their Divorce?

An attorney engaged in the case has admitted that lawyers for the infamous American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones unintentionally shared a nude photo of his wife with his legal opponents that he had texted to the right political operator Roger Stone.

The seemingly absurd, but entirely true, development was the latest repercussion after one of the lawyers for a family suing Jones for defamation revealed last week that Jones’s own lawyer had accidentally given over numerous texts belonging to the far-right provocateur and then failed to take action to keep them out of court.

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