Melania Trump Divorce News: Rumors of Melania Trump’s Divorce Following the Election Were False.

Melania Trump Divorce News:

A number of tabloids and other news organizations revealed what appeared to be shocking information in November 2020. According to the publications, Melania Trump had decided to end her marriage to then-President Donald Trump after he lost the 2020 election.


But since Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, was crowned the victor on the evening of November 7, 2020, more than a year has passed. Furthermore, there is no proof that the former first lady filed for divorce or intended to do so.

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Some Rumors of Melania Trump Divorce

Melania Trump is “racing the minutes till divorce,” according to former aides when Donald leaves the White House after their 15-year “transactional marriage,” reported the night after Biden’s victory address.


(According to sources, Melania Trump received a $2.9 million settlement from the same publisher in 2017 for misleading statements. The tabloid was regarded by Wikipedia to be so “unreliable” in the same year that it was prohibited from being used as a source on its website.)

A Yahoo report from a year earlier cited a “numerologist, palm reader, and psychic” in relation to similar divorce situations. Melania Trump is “counting the minutes till divorce,” according to former aides, the article claimed.

Melania Trump planned to divorce Donald Trump when the election results are announced, according to Newshub.

The speculations reportedly started in October 2020 after former Trump staffer and “The Apprentice” competitor Omarosa Manigault Newman made an appearance on a morning TV show in the U.K., according to the Newshub piece.

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Why Melania Trump won’t end her Marriage to Donald Trump?

Rumors about the duration of Donald Trump’s third marriage when he left the White House circulated long before he lost the election to Joe Biden in November.

Former staff members, “friends,” and even Mr. Trump’s niece claimed that Melania Trump was “counting down the minutes” until she could end her 74-year-old marriage, while others claimed that the former model had “checked out,” both mentally and emotionally, from her position as First Lady and her “very strange marriage.”


The 50-year-old was focused on arranging a quick getaway from Washington, DC, while Mr. Trump clung to power as his presidential term drew to an end, fighting tooth and nail for weeks and alleging that electoral fraud was responsible for Joe Biden’s shocking and historic victory.

And yet, people in the couple’s “inner orbit” claim that Mrs. Trump will stand by her husband, whom she married 16 years ago in a lavish $US2.5 million wedding, as they settle into life as (relatively) private citizens at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida.

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