Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife? The Rumor Mill Indicates Unfaithfulness!


Russell Wilson and Ciara’s marriage is a welcome exception to the rule that most people have against idolizing celebrity unions. Since the couple began their fairytale wedding, social media has become their oyster of #BlackLove.

Not to add, they are now a model for what it means to be a powerful and prosperous Black family.

Despite the fact that since 2015, Russell and Ciara have been serving up relationship aspirations on a silver platter, the QB’s first wife is now just a distant memory.

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

Yes, Russell and Ashton Meem were married at one point, and the tales of their split have persisted ever since. In light of this, it is evident why Russell Wilson divorced. As we pour the tea, make yourself at home.

According to Reports, Russell and Ashton Called It Quits on Their Marriage as A Result of Adultery.

One of the first and most fundamental unwritten laws of marriage is to love, honor, and respect your spouse. Reports indicate that the illustrious rule may not have been followed during Russell and Ashton’s marriage, though.

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

According to The Sun, Rusell and Ashton were married for the first time on January 14, 2012, following a six-year relationship. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in April 2014, just two years later.

In a statement, Russell acknowledged that the choice to dissolve his marriage was difficult, but he also appealed for supporters’ support.

“I have chosen to divorce, a difficult decision to make, “At the time, Russell Wilson said in a statement. “These are obviously not simple choices. In this trying time, Ashton and I sincerely need your prayers, empathy, and privacy.

For Almost Six Years, Ciara and Russell Have Enjoyed a Happy Marriage.

Although Russell’s first attempt at marriage ended in failure, his second attempt at love has been completely successful. The duo has been stronger than ever after Russell and Ciara’s marriage in July 2016.

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

The gifted couple is parents to three kids: Sienna, 5, Future, 6, and Win, 1 (from a prior relationship). In addition, Russell and Ciara post pictures of their families on social media for the benefit of their followers.

Both Russell and Ciara have publicly acknowledged that they prayed for wholesome, devoted companions, which they claim finally brought the duo together. The couple’s love story is proof that when you put out great energy and trust, the universe will return it to you.

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The Truth Behind Russell Wilson’s First Wife’s Divorce

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is not hesitant about sharing his love for his wife Ciara on social media.

In fact, viewers have gotten accustomed to seeing glimpses of the Wilsons’ adoration for their three children, Future, Win, and Sienna, as well as their romantic date evenings and flirtatious dance parties.

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

Having said that, some fans might not be aware of (or remember) the fact that Ciara is Wilson’s second wife.

The “Get Up” singer had recently broken off her engagement to rapper Future when Wilson and Ciara made their public debut as a relationship at the White House’s Japanese state dinner in 2015.

Wilson and his ex-wife Ashton Meem were going through a divorce at the same time. After barely two years of marriage, the NFL star, according to TMZ, filed for divorce in April 2014.

The professional athlete issued a statement saying, “I have made the tough decision to file for divorce” (via The Seattle Times). “These are obviously not simple choices. In this trying time, Ashton and I sincerely need your prayers, sympathy, and privacy. I won’t be commenting further on this private topic going ahead.”

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Regarding Russell Wilson’s Ex-Wife, Rumors Circulated

Even though Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem managed to keep their divorce amicable (at least in public), rumors persisted that Wilson dumped Meem because of an alleged affair with his former teammate Golden Tate.

Why Did Russell Wilson Divorce His Wife?

  •  Meem and Tate were thrust into the heart of a scandal and vehemently rejected the claims. “In a piece for The Cauldron in January 2015, Tate stated, “I did not have an affair with Russell Wilson’s wife, nor did I have anything to do with his divorce.
  •  Anyone who knows us will find that absurd. My girlfriend and his ex-wife Ashton still close friends.”
  • Meem described how she and Wilson first met to the Richmond Times-Dispatch in April 2012: “We met briefly in high school.” “Then again at a summer party, and then they began dating.
  • ” Meem initially attended the Campus of Georgia, and the two “kept up the long-distance affair until Ashton relocated to Russell’s university,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. After exchanging vows in January 2012, they were married for two years before Wilson requested a divorce in April 2014.

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