The Girl From the Side: Releasing Date Is Finalized! Is It Confirmed? Check Out Its Characters, Storylines, Trailer & Everything You Needs to Know


The Girl From the Side

WIT Studio has released the first official trailer for The Girl from the Other Side, an animated Japanese film. Nagabe, a Japanese manga artist, wrote and drew the manga series that inspired this narrative.

The Girl From the Side

An OAD (original animation DVD) short sparked a Kickstarter effort to finance the feature-length adaptation, which was released this week.

There are two possible outcomes in this terrible fairytale: the characters are either normal or cursed. Shiva, a little girl, discovers an uncanny monster that can’t be touched in this world.

Yuta Kubo and Satomi Maiya’s “new expressive method” is on full display in their film, The Girl from the Other Side. As their relationship begins to blossom, the teaser depicts the potential peril that Shiva’s friendship with the Teacher may bring.

Kickstarter’s original funding target of 3 million yen was met the same day it debuted for “The Girl From the Other Side.” The campaign finished on May 10, 2021, with a total of over $200,000 (about $200,000 in today’s money). In 2022, on the 10th of March, the OAD will be made available to fans in conjunction with a spin-off volume of the anime series.

Derry Girls Season 3’s Plot

The perfect coming-of-age tale, Derry Girls keeps up that theme in season 3 as well. The girls and James face fresh challenges in their life during the 1996 setting of this season. These can include things like their GSCE scores or being accepted for who they are.

The Girl From the Side

We won’t give anything away, but the last season of Derry Girls has a strong sexuality theme as one of the characters discovers who she is.

There is no doubt that the friendships will be examined in greater detail with a dash of difficulty thrown in. We eagerly anticipate what the upcoming season will bring to its devotees.

The Girl From the Other Side’s Release Date is Yet to Be Announced-

The Girl From the Side
The Girl from the Other side releasing date

The origin tale of “The Girl from the Other Side” is one of the most unusual in anime history. Wit Studio began a crowdsourcing effort on Kickstarter on March 11th to help support the OAD’s development.

An incredible feat was accomplished in about four hours (though this is hardly unexpected considering how well-known Wit is and how well the manga adaptation has done). By May 8, Wit’s 20 million Yen stretch goal had been exceeded by an additional $2 million thanks to the generosity of its supporters.

OAD’s anticipated release date of March 10, 2022, meaning that the “Girl from the Other Side” OAD is virtually assured to arrive on time (via Anime News Network). To top it all off, if the campaign’s stretch goals are met, fans will get a DVD loaded with extras. A unique manga chapter written by Nagabe and animated versions of his weekly artwork is also included.

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The Girl From the Side
The Girl from the Other side releasing date
  • The professor ( Sensei)
  • Jun Fukuyama is the voice actor.
  • Invoking the name of Shiva
  • She is voiced by Rie Takahashi.

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Where Does “The Girl From the Other Side” Come From?

The Girl From the Side
The Girl from the Other side releasing date

A dualistic universe is shown in “The Girl from the Other Side.” The Outside is a light-based universe, and the majority of “positive” things reside there. However, the vast majority of “evil” creatures are found inside the wooded confines of the Inside.

The plot revolves around Shiva, a young girl from the Outside who finds herself all alone in a deserted town deep inside the Inner. Many terrible, cursed animals live on the Inside, ready to infect everything that comes into touch with them.

The odd, cursed — but friendly — entity known as Teacher guards Shiba. The bond between Shiva and the Teacher is evident even though they are separated by distance.

The bond between them is put to the test when Shiva decides to leave home in search of her long-lost grandmother. During her investigation, she unearths some disturbing details about her family’s mysterious background.

Derry Girls Season 3 Trailer

You can watch the official channel 4 trailer here. This trailer is merely a glimpse into how crazy Derry Girls Season 3 will be. You can see some of your favorite characters reprise their roles for the new season.

The trailer is pure chaos with some shocking new elements which will be interesting as we see them unfold in the episodes. Keep an eye out for some unhinged comedy!

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