How a False Breakup Rumor Between Kate and Will Spread Like Wildfire?


The inner workings of the Royal Family will always create headlines, particularly when they relate to more personal issues like their love and family lives. The most recent couple under close scrutiny? the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton, who are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Is Kate Middleton’s Divorce from Prince William really happening?

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It all started when MSN syndicated a bogus article alleging that the couple was divorcing and that Kate was relocating out of the marital residence with their three children.

Is Kate Middleton's Divorce from Prince William really happening?

After Newsweek conducted some research, it was discovered that a French publication named Oh My Mag had initially published the piece and later retracted it, making it clear that the specifics were in fact false.

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“This report is untrue and was accidentally published. We are briefly taking it down “The source released a statement.

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How a False Breakup Rumor Between Kate and Will Spread Like Wildfire?

Good morning, and no, Kate Middleton and Prince William are still together. The MSN article, which has since been removed, that sparked the rumors of the royal couple’s separation this morning has subsequently spread (a pretty strong indication in and of itself that the story is false).

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Is Kate Middleton's Divorce from Prince William really happening?

According to the article, William and Kate have split up, and the Duchess of Cambridge has relocated their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, from their residence. After MSN published its article, Newsweek did some research into the matter and discovered that a French website by the name of Oh My Mag also asserted that the marriage was finished.

This was confirmed to Newsweek by the website’s publisher, who issued a statement via a representative and said, “This report is indeed fake and was published by mistake. We are only now taking it down.

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The Infamous Reported Affair Involving Prince William

Nobody is unaware of the rumors that William was having an affair with Hanbury unless they are extremely out of line. When we learned that Kate was breaking up with her longtime pal in April, everything began to fall into place.

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Is Kate Middleton's Divorce from Prince William really happening?

Fans were aware that the two had a somewhat significant argument, and although it was never officially acknowledged, it wasn’t long before the newspaper cheated Kate with Rose.

The fact that Kate and William live close to Rose and her husband and that the two couples frequently interact caught everyone off guard when Kate insisted on “phasing out” her lover.

Would Kate Middleton and Prince William Be Permitted to Divorce?

Fortunately, no official source has ever confirmed the rumors about William and Hanbury because it appears that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would not be able to divorce even if they wanted to.

The queen apparently no longer wants divorces in the royal family, therefore she advised her grandson to “make sensible choices” because his marriage was anticipated to endure forever when William got married.

Is Kate Middleton's Divorce from Prince William really happening?

After dissolving numerous royal marriages, Queen Elizabeth now outright prohibits divorces. She witnessed the demise of her sister, Princess Margaret’s wedding when she was in power. She has also witnessed the divorces of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, in addition to Charles and Diana.

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We are delighted that the queen has determined there will be no more divorces in the family, as well as that the unfounded allegations have never been shown to be true. One of our favorite royal couples is William and Kate, and we always want to see them together.

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