Latest Market Development in The Makeup Sector

Latest Market Development in The Makeup Sector

The makeup industry is hardly what it was five years ago.

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Each new day comes with a new trend and unless you adjust to these new trends, your brand runs the risk of drifting into oblivion. Everything from picking ingredients, to modern texturing and to sustainable packaging seems to have changed.

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In this article, I will be talking about these market developments in the makeup industry. Additionally, I will be indicating what wholesale makeup suppliers and online marketplace Beauty Sourcing can do to catch up on these new trends.

Latest Market Development in The Makeup Sector

Healthy Aging Messaging.

The latest development trend is the production of makeup that celebrates beauty at any age. For the longest time, makeup companies manufactured anti-aging products a trend that fueled the notion that staying youthful was the only way to stay beautiful. Today, makeup brands’ line of production is informed by the need to have products that encourage persons of all ages to embrace and appreciate aging as well as its visible effects.

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Feel Good Products

How in touch are you with your makeup? Makeup manufacturers are changing the trend of how people perceive makeup. Traditionally, makeup has been nothing more than a beauty accessory. But by simply incorporating color pigments and changing textures, manufacturers have turned makeup into something much deeper.

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Today one can use makeup to express their personality or pent-up emotions. Bold makeup pigments help us make a stand that is comprehensible globally.

A Fusion of Suncare and Skincare Products

In recent years, suncare products have been ranking high on the list of new trends in the beauty industry. This can be attributed to several innovations that have redefined the quality, texture, and utility of suncare products.  The innovations include:

  • Sunscreen serums with moisturizing and skin-brightening properties.
  • Suncare products that are compatible with makeup.
  • Vitamin C-infused sunscreen serums to help even skin tone.
  • PF-infused color cosmetic products.
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  • Refreshing SPF sprays that preserve makeup underneath.
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  • Make-up products with SPF protection.

Wholesale makeup suppliers can take a more active role to help consumers to access more of these hybrid suncare products. Additionally, online marketplaces can make it easier for improved and all-rounded products through special publicity.

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Light as Air

This range of trendy products is specially designed to gently appeal to consumers’ senses for a soothing usage experience. New makeup products have a lighter formula that allows makeup users to wear any type of makeup without feely greasy or itchy. Consumers feel more at ease with cosmetic products not only have a lighter feel but also a refined texture. More thought and effort have gone into designing improved and fast-absorbing skin care products to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Light-as-air products is the future of the makeup industry. They not only hydrate the skin but are also lighter which is why both manufacturers and wholesale makeup suppliers should ensure more of such products are circulated down to the last customer.

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This is in addition to facilitating research geared towards such innovations.


The latest market development in the makeup sector is the result of innovations aimed at redefining consumer experience and perceptions of makeup. Try the new trends and be part of the journey to the future of makeup.