Somaya Reece Net Worth: Here’s Check Her Early Life, Professional Career, Married Life, Controversary, Awards & Much More!

Somaya Reece Net Worth

Childhood and Biography

On June 17, 1983, Somaya was born to her parents. Her parents, sister, and sister-in-law all resided in the garage because their family’s financial situation was unstable. But the awful part doesn’t stop there.

Somaya was also extremely unlucky to have an alcoholic father and an abusive mother.


But as we’ve already indicated, she was aware that she needed to escape by fighting. Somaya, our courageous girl, decided to join a gang, drop out of school, and endanger her own life.

In South Central, she was stabbed and twice shot. But in the end, she was making every effort to leave her dysfunctional family.

She did not have someone to provide her some affection at that time, which caused her to start dating another teen boy. She moved in with her boyfriend’s mother when she became pregnant by him and was turned away by her own mother.

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Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, and Children of Somaya Reece

Since her ex-boyfriend was abusive, Somaya, who is openly bisexual, has chosen to date more women than males. She admitted that as a result, she despises men and finds them repulsive. She is drawn to women for other reasons as well, though, including this.


From a young age, Somaya began to have feelings for girls. She has had multiple relationships; her first one was with “Twilight” actor Kellan Lutz. Before breaking up in 2009, the couple dated for five months. Later, she started dating the rapper Joe Budden, but that relationship ended in divorce as well.

Rapper XO was the subject of Somaya’s third relationship; the two parted ways in 2011 without giving a reason. She dated Jessica White in 2016, but their romance ended quickly as well.

Professional Development and Stardom of Somaya Reece

Somaya struggled to land acting gigs after graduating from college and eventually began helping her mother as a maid in a hotel.


Agents for William Morris discovered her here. Somaya immediately obtained jobs in more than 45 advertisements, which completely altered her life. Somaya modeled for a number of renowned fashion labels in addition to appearing in commercials.

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How Did Somaya Reece Remember Her Early Years?

Somaya Reece’s upbringing was filled with trauma because of her alcoholic father and an abusive mother. As a teenager, she even abandoned her studies and joined a gang, which caused her to run away from home.



Being twice shot and stabbed in South Central during her time with the gang almost cost her her life.

Furthermore, Somaya started seeing a teenage male and as a result, she got pregnant. She went to her mother to tell her mother she was pregnant, but she was not allowed to live with her. Later, she moved in with her adolescent boyfriend’s aggressive mother, who was harsh to her. Despite this, Somaya persisted and gave birth to a boy.

What Caused the Death of a Son of Somaya Reece?

Even though she was verbally abused, Somaya Reece kept living with the mother of her young boyfriend. In the hospital, she also met a man who had ties to her boyfriend and was abusive against her and her child.

She later had her son killed one day by poisoning. She witnessed her infant’s death-defying cries as she cradled him in her arms. Regarding her son’s passing, she commented in an interview with from 2016.

Recognition & Achievements

Somaya’s honors and accomplishments are not well known. She has not yet been nominated for an award or received one in her field.


Somaya Reece’s Estimated Net Worth in Nov. 2022

Somaya Reece has already put forth a lot of effort. She has made a name for herself in many industries. She has acted, modeled, and captured the hearts of audiences across America with her well-known reality shows. She has also rapped, so this isn’t the end.


Last but not least, she is a very accomplished businesswoman who has proven herself to be a superb businesswoman. However, there are still more to come, and we have no doubt that she will succeed in every endeavor. Her estimated net worth in February 2022 was $5 million.