Almost Four Years After Marrying Her “hidden” Husband, Bella Poarch Files for Divorce.

Almost Four Years After Marrying Her

The 25-year-old TikTok star has reportedly filed for divorce from Tyler Poarch, according to BuzzFeed and TMZ.

Bella and Tyler were wed in January 2019 according to Los Angeles County court records, and Bella filed her petition for the dissolution of their marriage on November 2, 2022. According to the records, Bella listed “irreconcilable disagreements” as the cause of their divorce.

Bella’s admirers and following, who had no idea she was even married, were completely taken aback by the news. Additionally, Tyler is not now visible on any of Bella’s social media channels.

Rumors behind their Divorce

Bella has maintained total privacy on social media while being one of the most prolific TikTokers on the planet. Apart from untrue rumors of a sex tape featuring her and rapper Tyga, Bella hasn’t revealed anything about her romantic relationships.


It appears that she and Tyler had not been together as a couple for a while as she had previously stated that she had been single for nearly a year while making an appearance on the H3 podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein back in June 2021.

Although Bella hasn’t officially discussed her marriage, the rumors have people baffled and impressed at how she’s been able to keep it private. (Special thanks go out to Bella’s friends who were aware of this without revealing it to the public.)

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Bella Poarch Asks for Her Husband’s Divorce.

Bella Poarch filed court documents in Los Angeles County, according to the tabloid TMZ. According to the documents, Bella, whose true name is Denarie, is divorcing Tyler Poarch due to their “irreconcilable differences.”


According to the divorce papers, the couple was hitched in January 2019. Interestingly, the social media sensation was seen smiling and taking a mirror selfie just two days before her wedding.

Poarch has shared a lot of pictures and videos on social media over the last three years, but none of them depict her wearing a wedding band. The influencer has already made numerous statements to the effect that she is single.

Bella and Tyga’s Relationship Rumors First Surfaced Last Year.

After the two featured in TikTok videos together in September 2017, there were rumors that the social media sensation was dating the rapper Tyga.

At the rapper’s Los Angeles home, the couple was seen dancing and enjoying the music. Poarch later reaffirmed that the two were just friends and that the rumors were false.


She claimed to have been single for a year in an interview with H3 earlier this year. The 25-year-old woman admitted that she had two boyfriends when she joined the Navy. When he found out she was leaving the Navy due to mental health difficulties, she claims the second man dumped her.

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The Disclosure Shocked the Fans

When Poarch’s social media fans found out about her divorce, they were shocked at how long the influencer had been able to keep her marriage a secret. Bella Poarch has spent her entire career in the spotlight, but hiding a full guy for four years is an astounding amount of subtlety, a fan noted.


Bella Poarch’s friends are loyal since she managed to conceal her marriage for four years, one fan wrote, while another tweeted, “In addition to Bella Poarch being secretly married. The fact that her husband doesn’t have the last name Poarch also surprises me. Denarie Bautista Taylor—not Bella—was known as “Ms. Girl,” or even “Mrs. Girl.”