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Farrah Brittany Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made In 2022?

Farrah Brittany Net Worth

Early Life And Biography Of Farrah Brittany

On October 31, 1988, Farrah Brittany was born in Beverly Hills, California. Garnish Aljufri and Kyle Richards gave birth to her. 1988 saw her parents get hitched, and 1992 saw their divorce.

Her mother has English and Irish ancestry, while her father is of Indonesian descent. Alexia Simona, a younger half-sister, is also a family member.

She also has Sophia Kylie and Portia as her half-sisters. Her mother Kyle and her second husband, Mauricio Umansky, gave birth to her half-sisters.

Mauricio and Kyle were wed on January 20, 1996. Kyle Richards, the mother of Farrah, is most known for her role as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle is also the final contestant from the first reality series.

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Career and Net Worth of Farrah Brittany

Her stepfather, Mauricio Umansky, owned The Agency, where Farrah Brittany worked. She has held a number of positions since she started the business. Farrah started out as the client relations director.

She has also maintained customer relationships, worked on numerous multi-million dollar deals, and handled a variety of sales processes for the business.

The most desirable regions of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, as well as buyers and sellers globally were best represented by Farrah.

For Umansky’s team, Brittany also served as a senior agent.

She has helped with the purchase and sale of numerous lovely residences throughout the years. Together with her team, she has sold real estate for around billion.

With the team, she has sold the most properties totaling more than $20 million.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s annual REAL Trends list, Farran and her team are among the top-performing real estate brokers. She is also frequently acknowledged as the top agent for prestigious publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Business Journal, and others.

The new Netflix series Buying Beverly Hills featured Farah, his stepfather Mauricio Umansky, and half-sister Alexia Umansky; the new Netflix series debuted on November 4, 2022.

Following agents and clients of brokerage firm The Agency is the Beverly Hills buy. In addition, the show delves into the risky Los Angeles luxury real estate market. Additionally, Farrah is featured in the company biography as a co-founder. The company has previously been highlighted on a Los Angeles million-dollar listing.

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Farrah Aldjufrie’s Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Alex Manos and Farrah Aldjufrie have been dating for two years before moving to the next stage of their relationship.

She posted their photo on Instagram on November 29, 2021, with the remark “beyond grateful for you I love you so much @mralexmanos.” Then, with the caption “Got engaged to my closest friend slash ride or die,” Alex posted the same image to his Instagram account.

According to the website “WE BUY European Classic Cars,” Alex is the President and Owner of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc.

Austin-Healey, Facel Vega, BMW, Kaiser Darri, MG, Nash Healey, and more. Aston Martin, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and more.

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Personal Life of Farrah Brittany and her Marriage

Alex Manos, Farrah Brittany’s boyfriend, and she are currently engaged. In 2019, she and Manos began dating.

According to reports, the two connected at a party through a common friend. Following that, they started dating and finally got engaged. Farran first informed her Instagram fans of the engagement.

In a secret ceremony, the couple reportedly got engaged in November 2021.

The owner, CEO, and president of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. is Alex Manos, who was once Brittany’s boyfriend and is now engaged. He also runs an 85,000 square foot store where he offers numerous makes and models of vintage vehicles.

Terah and Manos have not chosen a date for their wedding as of the time of writing. Brittany claims that she only wanted to enjoy the engagement for a little period of time. Farrah admitted, however, that she had already purchased her wedding gown and had begun organizing the most important day of her life.

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Net Worth of Farrah Aldjufrie

What is Farrah Aldjufrie’s estimated net worth? She began her work as an intern at the Umansky Group, the company owned by her stepfather.

Soon after receiving her degree from college, Farrah started working there. She was thereafter promoted to the role of the primary team member in The Agency, Umansky’s subsequent big project.

Before becoming the Director of Client Relations, she also held the post of Executive Assistant. The Wall Street Journal named Aldjufrie as one of the Top 250 Realtors in the United States in 2015.

Over the course of her illustrious career as a licensed real estate salesman, she sold approximately $200 million worth of real estate. Farrah Aldjufrie’s estimated net worth as of October 2022 ranges from $10 million to $20 million in US dollars.

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