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After a Brief Breakup, Vanessa Lachey and Nick Got Back Together and Eventually Got Married.

After a Brief Breakup, Vanessa Lachey and Nick Got Back Together and Eventually Got Married.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey opened up about their romance and their decision to take time apart before getting married in 2011 during their new series The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on. The two claim that they went on a few dates with other people during their brief separation.

Vanessa Felt It Was Best for Both of Them to Move on From the Relationship Once It Ended.

Vanessa claims she was with Nick for five years before she gave him an ultimatum.

The now-41-year-old woman said to the candidates, “I was 29.” I asked, “What are we doing?” after we had been dating for five years.

Dating began for the couple after Vanessa participated in the music video for Nick’s smash single “What’s Left of Me” in 2006.

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Vanessa May Have Had a Need to Begin a Family.

When they first started dating, Vanessa mentioned that Nick had a “bachelor pad.”

She revealed, “There was a bar in the pool,” adding that she was open to his demands at the time. “Okay, now I want a kid-filled pool. That’s when I broke out into full dance mode [waves ring finger].”

Since they had already confirmed their breakup in 2009, it was probably around that time that this took place.

Vanessa Lachey Admits That She And Nick Had A Breakup Before Getting Married

Vanessa’s Insistence on Getting Married and Starting a Family, According to Nick, Was the First Spark that Drove Them Apart.

It seemed like they were going in different directions, so they broke up. Vanessa said that during their time apart, they “both saw one other person and we recognized that if we got out of our own way, we could be fantastic together.”

Seems like they only needed some time apart to see that their priorities were more similar than they had assumed.

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They’ve Been Married for Almost a Decade and Are the Proud Parents of Three Kids.

Clearly, things have gone well for the couple, and that’s why they’re willing to be open and honest with other hopeful pairs. “Seeing someone else made me realize that the things I believed bothered me or were limiting me actually didn’t bother me at all. I’m cool with it all, “Vanessa elaborated.

It appears that some time apart helped the happy couple gain some much-needed perspective.

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