When Will the Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man be Available on Crunchyroll?

When Will the Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man be Available on Crunchyroll?

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Recap

Denji touches Power’s chest for the first time, and her padding comes off. After stroking her chest two more times, he seems to be at a loss. While completing various forms, Makima notices that something’s off about Denji.

When Will the Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man be Available on Crunchyroll?

He speaks up on finally achieving something he wanted but just for it to seem anticlimactic. After Denji gets into more depth, Makima demands him touch her as she reveals her thoughts.

She also asks Denji to defeat the Gun Devil. As a reward, she’ll give him a wish. Currently, they have bullets from the Gun Devil as a lead. She also explains how they operate as the bits cling together.

Tokyo Special Division 4 goes on a mission involving a powerful devil who possibly ate a chunk of the Gun Devil. Before entering the hotel, Himeno promises she would reward whoever kills the devil.

Denji admits he has other incentives, so Himeno raises her prize for him. The squad enters, and they ultimately face a devil.

Himeno stops the devil from attacking Kobeni, and Power splits it in half. Himeno reveals she has a contract with the Ghost Devil, so she can utilize its right arm. After a while, the team learns that they seem to be stranded on the eighth floor.

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In Episode 6, What can We Anticipate?

It’s likely that the Eternity Devil plotline will be carried on in Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man. With the likelihood of filler episodes being low for the first season of the anime adaptation of the manga, viewers can look forward to a number of scenes exclusive to the medium that will serve to introduce them to the other four members of Special Division. However, there are a few key reasons why even that is highly improbable.

When Will the Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man be Available on Crunchyroll?

  • Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man will air roughly halfway through the first season, which has been teased multiple times as covering the entire Katana Man storyline.
  • Katana Man’s storyline will be the longest of the season thus far, stretching across 17 episodes. Meanwhile, there are nine chapters in the Eternity Devil arc, nine in the Bat Devil arc, and four in the prologue.
  • If Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man wraps up the Eternity Devil arc, the total episode count will be 6, which is enough to cover 17 chapters. The speed of the Katana Man arc is tested by the decision to continue the Eternity Devil tale into the next episode.
  • Next week’s episode will therefore virtually wrap up the Eternity Devil arc, setting up the next few weeks of the show for the incredibly exciting Katana Man story.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Release Date

Crunchyroll will release the subtitled version of Chainsaw Man Episode 6 on Tuesday, 15 November 2022, at 9:00 a.m. PT | 12:00 p.m. ET. Chainsaw Man will air each week at the same time until the end of the season in December 2022.

Chainsaw Man Episode List

Here’s the full list of episodes of Chainsaw Man and their release dates:

Episode Release Date
Episode 1 – “Dog and Chainsaw” 11 October 2022
Episode 2 – “Arrival in Tokyo” 18 October 2022
Episode 3 – “Meowy’s Whereabouts” 25 October 2022
Episode 4 – “Rescue” 1 November 2022
Episode 5 – “Gun Devil” 8 November 2022
Episode 6 – TBC 15 November 2022

The first episode of Chainsaw Man debuted on 11 October 2022 on the popular streaming platform Crunchyroll, with the anime adaptation based on the well-known manga of the same name.