After Nine Years of Marriage, Meagan Good and Husband De Von Franklin Have Decided to Divorce.


After Nine Years of Marriage, Meagan Good and Her Husband De Von Franklin Have Decided to Divorce!

Both Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin have requested a divorce.

After 9 years of marriage, PEOPLE has learned exclusively that the couple has separated. Good and Franklin, who first met while working on the 2011 film Jumping the Broom, became engaged in May 2012 and married in June of that year.

After Nine Years of Marriage, Meagan Good and Husband De Von Franklin Have Decided to Divorce

They say, “After much prayer and contemplation, we have decided to walk into our futures independently but forever united.” Good is 40 and Franklin is 43.

They go on to say that they are “celebrating over a decade of marriage together and an eternal love” and that “there is no one to blame, we believe this is the next best chapter in the progression of our relationship.”

They add, “We are immensely thankful to God for the witness being produced inside us both and for blessing our lives with one other, and for the life-altering years we have spent together as husband and wife.”

Six months before they announced their divorce to the world, Good and Franklin celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary by posting touching tributes to one another online.

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The “Painful” Divorce of Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin and Why She Is Still “Optimistic”

In the wake of her breakup with DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good is opting to see the bright side of life.

During a Twitter Space discussion organized by xoNecole on January 22nd, the 40-year-old actress discussed her breakup with the 43-year-old film producer.

Meagan was asked, along with her Harlem co-stars, what they felt about “letting go of toxic relationships,” and while she did say that it was “specific to my circumstance right now,” she also emphasized the importance of “knowing your worth.”

After Nine Years of Marriage, Meagan Good and Husband De Von Franklin Have Decided to Divorce

She elaborated, “I’ve always gone into relationships knowing that at some point, they’ll get to the place that they’re headed to, and then they’d be done.” “From the beginning, I just thought, “Alright, on to the next chapter.

We’ll see what happens next,’ and being good with that, as well as valuing what you give to someone and what they give to you, and knowing that you’ve shared an experience with somebody that you will never get back, no matter how the relationship ends.”

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Some Reasons Behind Their Divorce

On December 20th, DeVon submitted divorce papers, claiming insurmountable disagreements. Court documents acquired by E! News indicate that the pair divorced on August 21, 2021, after nine years of marriage.

After Nine Years of Marriage, Meagan Good and Husband De Von Franklin Have Decided to Divorce

Following the filing, the couple released a joint statement to E! News in which they said, “After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to go into our futures separately but forever together.”

“We’ve been married for nearly ten years, and our love for one other just grows stronger with the passing of time. Neither of us is at fault; in fact, we see this as the next, most wonderful step in the development of our love.”

DeVon posted on Instagram on New Year’s Day that he will be taking a social media break while going through his divorce “As we begin the year 2022, I am at complete peace with my pain. And there I am the most myself.”

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