Solo Leveling Release Date in 2023 Confirmed by Crunchyroll!

Solo Leveling Release Date in 2023 Confirmed by Crunchyroll!

Will the Story of The Original Manhwa Be Changed for The Upcoming Anime?

As per reports and rumors, a lot of details from the original Korean Solo Leveling Manhwa will be changed in the upcoming Solo Leveling Anime.


Other than some minor changes in the storyline, there will be some big changes like the name of the main character will be changed to Shun Mizushino from the OG Jin-Woo and the series of events will now take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan instead of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

This has led to a huge number of minor changes in the plot of the anime as compared to the manhwa. Many fans think that this has led to delays in the production of the anime which is why the anime will release in 2023.

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News of The Production of Solo Leveling

Speaking of reports, on a microblogging site in China called Weibo, an insider has given confirmation that the Solo Leveling Anime is getting official and the announcement of the release date is going to take place soon.


Aside from this particular user, many other Twitter users have also commented on this topic, claiming this news to be absolutely true.

If these rumors are actually true, we can make some speculations that Studio Mir is going to be in charge of the production works. In this context, you should that Studio Mir is a studio that originated in South Korea and is well-known for its top-notch works in several popular animated series like The Legends of Korra and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

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How soon can we expect the Solo Leveling anime to air?

As for the release date, we don’t expect the studio to finish the story in one season because the manhwa is extremely large. Considering there will be multiple seasons, we may likely expect to see it in the fourth quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023 if the studio pushes their work (without lowering the anime quality like it was done with God of High School). 


Good luck with your wait; we won’t see it before the third or fourth quarter of 2023 if the creators decide to release it all at once to avoid increasing the anticipation for the audience.

Who will star in the anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling?

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When it comes to the show’s cast, many fans are wondering who will provide the voice for Sung-Jin Woo, the anime’s protagonist. If the manhwa is adapted by a Japanese studio, then the character may be voiced by Mamoru Miyano, a well-known Japanese voice actor.

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As the voice of Death Note’s iconic character Light, Mamoru Miyano has become a household name. And there have been a number of reports that Johnny Yong Bosch, a well-known American voice actor, will be the one to do the job for the English dub of the anime.

Releasing date of solo Leveling anime


The official Key Visual for the Solo Leveling Anime has been released, tempting fans with a release date in 2023. Whether or not the entire manga will be shown in a single season or if it will be broken into seasons based on the manga arcs is still up in the air. But the trailers and key graphics for the most ambitious and anticipated anime in recent memory look extremely promising.

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