Actress Julia Haart of “my Unorthodox Life” and Her Husband Silvio Scaglia Are Reportedly Divorcing each other!

Actress Julia Haart of

After marrying the 63-year-old billionaire in 2019, the 50-year-old Netflix star took over as CEO of his Elite World Group modeling and talent agency. Additionally, he adopted her surname.

I yelled at him often during the first year of our relationship. When I first met the La Perla CEO, I was rude to him, Julia admitted to The New York Times in July. On the other hand, I felt a great deal of admiration for him.

When compared to his, my sheltered upbringing seems positively wild. The world was no stranger to him. He’d seen it all before. And he handled my yelling at him with the dignity of a man. That cheered me up a lot.

Formerly married to Yosef Hendler, the Netflix star is now single. She was only 19 when they got married, but they’ve already raised four children: Batsheva, now 28, Shlomo, now 26, Miriam, now 22, and Aron, now 15.

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Why did they Divorce Each Other?

The reality star has already reflected on the beginning of her relationship with Scaglia, recalling that they initially met at La Perla and that she told the New York Times, “He was there a lot. I yelled at him often throughout our first year together. The way I treated him was disgusting.”


Reportedly explaining, “But I had a lot of respect for him,” Haart said. “His upbringing was the complete antithesis of mine. The world was no stranger to him. He’d seen it all before. And he handled my yelling at him with the dignity of a man. That cheered me up a lot.

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The Drama with Her Now-Estranged Spouse Has Caused Julia Haart Tremendous Suffering, She Says.

The My Unorthodox Life actress highlighted additional troubling behavior by her ex-husband Silvio in her restraining order application.

According to the petition, “I confronted Respondent about his abusive behavior in January 2022 and informed him that if anyone ever heard how he acts and speaks to me, they would believe he is a disgusting person.” Respondent retaliated by saying, “If you ever go to the public about how I treat you or the kids, I will murder you.”


Apparently, he continued, “I will kill you in public. I’m going to ruin your good name.

CEO of Elite World Group, Julia claimed Silvio’s alleged threats had caused her “serious emotional pain” and that her reputation was “everything.”

I can barely keep food down, and my health is in jeopardy. She continued, “My doctor and my children are really concerned about my physical health.

The court has not yet made a decision on Julia’s petition. To Page Six, Scaglia’s representative explained, “This is simply another day in the life of an aspiring reality TV star, seeking to divert the spotlight from the factual misappropriation allegation just filed against her.”