New Episodes of Season 3 of “Classroom of the Elite” to Air in 2023!


Youkoso Jitsuryoku Season 3 release date predictions: Is early 2023 likely?

As of the last update, studio Lerche or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the exact Classroom Of The Elite Season 3 release date. However, it’s been confirmed that Youkoso Jitsuryoku Season 3 is coming out in 2023.

Synopsis/spoilers for the third Season of the anime TV series You-Zitsu.

This article was written before the release of Season 2 Episode 13 of Classroom of the Elite and will be updated with further spoilers as they become available. Spoilers for Volume 8 of the light novel are included below.


At the start of the third semester, all of the students from Advanced Nurturing High School are transported to a remote mountaintop facility. In order to conduct this unique test, a unique boot camp the name Mixed Training Camp will be established.

Separating children into six groups, two for each gender, during the first year of school. They need to meet up with the students in the second and third years. They’ll need to collaborate with students from other grades if they want to make it.

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Where To Watch Classrooms Of The Elite Season 3?

AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, KBS, Sun TV, TVQ, BS11, and Animax Asia were the initial broadcasters of Classroom of the Elite. We may also anticipate season 3 of Classroom of the Elite streaming on such well-known sites as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and iQIYI, in addition to the aforementioned original networks.


The series has been licensed by both Crunchyroll and Muse Communication, and it can be seen with subtitles on Crunchyroll and in the dubbed form on Funimation. Even though there is no confirmation yet, these services will carry the next season of Classroom of the Elite when it premieres.

Classroom of the Elite season 3 streaming is rumored to begin in 2023, following in the footsteps of its predecessors, which were also available on similar services.

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The Classroom of the Elite cast And Their Voice Actors

The Classroom of the Elite cast include the characters along with their voice actors(both Japanese and English) that are listed below.

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji- Shoya Chiba, Justin Briner (English).
  • Suzune Horikita- Akari Kito, Felecia Angelle (English).
  • Kikyou Kushida- Yurika Kubo, Sarah Wiedenheft (English).
  • Airi Sakura- M.A.O, Leah Clarke(English).
  • Kei Karuizawa- Ayana Taketatsu, Bryan Apprill(English).
  • Yousuke Hirata- Ryoto Osaka, Dallas Reid (English).
  • Mio Ibuki- Mikako Komatsu, Jamie Marchi(English).
  • Honami Ichinose- Nao Toyama, Kriti Rothrock(English).
  • Arisu Sakayanagi- Rina Hidaka, Trina Nishimura(English).
  • Kouhei Katsuragi – Satoshi Hino, Jarrod Greene(English).
  • Manabu Horikita- Yuichiro Umehara, David Matranga (English).
  • Akane Tachibana- Konomi Kohara, Apphia Yu(English).
  • Sae Chabashira- Rina Sato, Jennifer Alyx(English).
  • Chie Hoshinomiya – Hisako Kanemoto, Sara Ragsdale (English).

In Season 3 of “Classroom of the Elite,” what can we anticipate?

As was indicated previously in the article, the first two seasons have spanned around seven volumes of the light novel series, and the third is slated to pick up with the eighth volume. Since the first two seasons of the show were enjoyable, it is reasonable to have high hopes for the forthcoming installment.


The second season-ending shows promise and the material that is left for the adaption is also quite fascinating. As a result, Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite should provide its viewers with a wealth of engaging content.

Is There a Season 3 Episode Guide for “Classroom of the Elite?”


The release date for the third season of the anime series Classroom of the Elite has not been announced, therefore the episodes have not yet been made available to the public. According to the past seasons’ trends, the upcoming season should include between 12 and 13 episodes.

Where Can I Find a Trailer, If Any?

Classroom of the Elite season 3 trailer has not been published as of now and it is expected to be out once the makers offer the audience an official release date for the following season.