Billy Ray Cyrus Has Announced His Engagement to Firerose! Is It True?

Billy Ray Cyrus Has Announced His Engagement to Firerose!

As Previously Reported, Billy Ray Cyrus Has Announced His Engagement to Firerose.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s heartache has been alleviated because to Firehose.

The 61-year-old “Old Town Road” musician and the 34-year-old Australian singer are engaged, according to Billy Ray’s representative Scott Adkins, who confirmed the news to E! News.


After a “difficult” period that includes his April divorce from Tish Cyrus and his mother Ruth Ann Casto’s death a few months later, Billy Ray recently told People that he is in a “good” place today.

Billy Ray reflected on the difficulty of getting over his separation with Tish, saying, “it took a lot of prayers to get over her.” In her divorce application, Tish listed “irreconcilable disagreements” as the basis for their split and stated that they had not lived together since February 2020.

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Why did Billy Ray Cyrus Get Engaged?

There’s no need for Billy Ray Cyrus to sing about his “Achy Breaky Heart” anymore.

The 61-year-old actor and singer has proposed to the 34-year-old Australian singer, Firerose.

Cyrus said to People magazine, “She’s the genuine deal.”


  • Tish Cyrus, his ex-wife, filed for divorce from him in April, after they had been married for 28 years. According to her filing, they had not lived together for two years.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus has declared that he has no ill will toward the mother of his five children, Trace (age 33), Braison (age 28), Brandi (age 35), Miley (year 29), and Noah (age 2). (22).
  • He finally spoke up about it: “Everyone knew that relationship was finished a long time ago.” It’s been a long time and a lot has happened, but everyone can now turn the page.
  • He claims he first met Firehose 12 years ago when she came over to pet Cyrus’ dog, Tex, during her time at Disney’s studios for an audition. The famous person invited her to visit the set of his daughter Miley’s popular program “Hannah Montana” to meet the cast and crew. He and Firerose stayed in touch after.
  • Their friendship blossomed into a collaborative artistic endeavor after she invited him to check out her songs. When they drop “New Day” in July of 2021, it will be a single.
  • During the height of the epidemic, and again when his mother Ruth Ann Casto passed away four months after his divorce, he said Firerose was there for him.
  • Suddenly, he remarked, “the life that I’ve always known as a traveling musician didn’t exist any longer. A moment of so much change.” He also lost his best friend, Firerose, at the same time. We went from being musical soulmates to being soulmates in a beautiful, pure love that I didn’t think was possible before we started exchanging music.
  • Early in the summer, she relocated to his farm in Franklin, Tennessee, and by August, just weeks before his mother passed away, they were engaged.
  • His latest collaboration with Firerose is named “Time,” and it’s available for purchase online.

I’ve wasted my life worrying about things I can’t change, Cyrus remarked. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing that matters is the joy you have within yourself.