What Caused Kat Stickler and Ex-Husband Mike to Separate? The Reasons for the NDA

What Caused Kat Stickler and Ex-Husband Mike to Separate?
What Caused Kat Stickler and Ex-Husband Mike to Separate?

They’ve been divorced for about a year, yet people still ask them often about their separation. And until today, neither has spoken publicly about what led to their separation.

The Reason Why Kat Stickler and Her Ex-Husband Decided to End Their Marriage.

The split between Kat and Mike was made public on March 17, 2021. When asked who was to blame for the breakup, they all agreed in the TikTok video announcing the news.

Simply put, the two of them were just not a good fit for one another.

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They parted up amicably and agreed to co-parent MK as best they could.

However, new information about their history together has emerged. And Kat was the one to bring it up and address it initially.


Kat released a video answering viewer questions on her new YouTube account on January 13, 2022. The video had numerous in-depth answers, including an explanation of why she does not speak openly about her divorce.

As the video began, it appeared that she would finally answer the topic of why she and her ex-husband split up; however, she later admitted that she was unable to discuss the subject.

Kat stated that she had signed an NDA with Mike for the sake of their daughter. But she promised in the clip that she would reveal whatever she felt crucial.

Mike also posted on February 9 about the NDA on Instagram. He wrote about the problems in his marriage to Kat.

“We got married young, had a baby, realized we were not fit for one other, the relationship became toxic,” Mike said to his followers in what appeared to be a clip from a live stream.

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Coping with Children After Divorce: Kat Stickler and Her Ex-Experience Husband’s

Kat answered a fan’s question on her experience co-parenting with her ex-husband after she discussed the divorce and NDA.


After the first night apart from her kid, she felt as if someone had ripped her heart out. Kat has also yet to master the art of co-parenting.

Kat added, “I’ve had my breakdown moments,” indicating that she was still having difficulties. Although she had overcome her difficulties with her ex-husband, she still found it difficult to talk about him without seeming wistful.

In Which Characters Do We Find Kat and Mike Stickler?

Kat and Mike both produce content for TikTok.

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By riding the TikTok wave that developed during the COVID suspension, they gained prominence inside the platform.

In addition, they differed from other content creators in that they never used shameful content as a means to increase their renown.

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Their videos typically involved pranks or other funny antics.


The group’s popularity exploded on TikTok. They’re a newlywed couple with a toddler. MK, their daughter, has become as famous as her famous parents, and the three of them have completed their TikTok account.

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Examining the Circumstances of Kat and Mike Stickler’s Separation or Divorce

There will be a few weeks in March of 2021 where the B is available. That led many to incorrectly conclude that the couple had split up. Unfortunately, the rumors were put to rest on March 17, 2021, when the couple’s decision to divorce was revealed on the site.


  •  They posted a video in which they discussed their decision to break up and asked their fans for privacy during this difficult time.
  • Further, Kat mentioned that even though they were splitting up, they were doing so civilly and with mutual respect. Many people feared for the child’s well-being. The couple promises the child their undivided attention and all the love and care they deserve.
  • Because of their notoriety for pranks on TikTok, some viewers may have seen their performance as a joke.
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    Mike’s failure to remove Kat from his Instagram bio, despite earlier claims to the contrary, only added to this perception.

  • Despite their breakup, he still uses Kat’s name on Instagram, calling her “wifey” and “the joy of my life.” But the assumptions are wrong.
  •  At present, Kat Stickler’s name is the only one associated with the TikTok account. Kat also deleted any posts that mentioned Mike from her Instagram account. In some of Kat’s older blogs, the baby is still the focus.

Summary Information

Kat’s current top priorities include caring for her daughter and maintaining her own health.

She says that she received a lot of attention after her breakup, which led to a lot of online trolling and commentary.

She continued by saying that she is depressed by the “hate” of others and that she is looking forward to regaining her joy.

Kat’s marriage has ended, and she wants to start a new chapter in her life. Since her TikTok was based on a few different sources, she feels the need to prove that she can come up with original concepts on her own.

The TikToker is open and honest about the difficulties she is experiencing as a result of the divorce, and she is making every effort to find solutions.

Kat’s TikTok account went viral after she broke up with Mike Stickler.

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In the video announcement, Mike mentioned that he was dealing with a few personal issues at the time.

In light of this, he worries greatly that Kat will receive no blame for their split.