What Is Initial D’s MF Ghost Release Date? Here’s Check Its Characters, Plot, Trailer & Much More!

What We Know About Initial D's MF Ghost the Release Date, Characters, and Plot?

There is nothing else quite like “Initial D” in the anonymous genre of anime. Almost everyone has heard of the adrenaline-pumping series about Japanese drag racers and the extremely skilled adolescent who beats them all in a standard Toyota AE86.

If you haven’t seen “Initial D,” there’s a good chance you’ve heard its music online.

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The show’s racing sequences are reflected in songs like “Running in the 90s,” “Gas Gas Gas,” and “Deja Vu,” all bonafide Eurobeat bangers that have become a part of a larger cultural meme.

Where Can I Find out When Mf Ghost Will Be Available for Purchase?

Although the manga for “MF Ghost” has been out since 2017, the anime version of the series is only now premiering. On January 3rd, Avex Pictures released the first teaser video for the new series on YouTube.


Simultaneously, a promotional picture announcing the creation of the series was issued by manga publisher Kodansha, as reported by Anime News Network. The artwork and teaser for “MF Ghost” clearly indicate that the show will premiere in 2023.

No specific date for the 2023 release of “MF Ghost” was provided by any source.

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Likewise, there has been no announcement on how or where viewers outside of Japan might catch the show.

However, you can expect to see it on Crunchyroll or Funimation like most other anime. As we get closer to the 2023 premiere date, more details about the next anime will become available.

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Who are the Characters In MF Ghost?

While Takumi is the most well-known character in the “Initial D” universe, the focus of “MF Ghost” shifts to a new character, Kanata Livington, for a refreshing change of pace.

The British-Japanese racer Kanata goes to England for racing training before heading to Japan to participate in the MFG racing circuit there. It is yet unclear who will provide the voice for the main character.

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What Is the Storylines of MF Ghost?

Set in an undisclosed year in the future, seemingly sometime in the 2020s, “MF Ghost” takes place in a post-driver world. The majority of commercial cars in Japan are now self-driving, and the only people who bother to get behind the wheel are racers.

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Enter Kanata Livington, a half-British racer who graduated top of his class in the racing academy, and who returns to Japan in order to conquer its MFG circuit. Like his mentor, the legendary Takumi Fujiwara, Kanata is a downhill specialist.

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In his trusty Red Toyota 86 GT, Kanata aims to become the circuit’s top racer.

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However, that is not the character’s only motivation for coming to Japan — in fact, Kanata will also be searching for his long-lost father.

When he’s not racing under his father’s last name, Katagiri, he is searching for clues as to his whereabouts. Whether Kanata successfully conquers the MFG and finds his father is uncertain, but it is sure to be revealed when “MF Ghost” debuts in 2023.

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