Linda Ronstadt Net Worth: A Closer Look Into Her Profession Life, Career, & Lifestyle in 2022!

Linda Ronstadt Net Worth

The Beginnings of Life

On July 15, 1946, in Tucson, Arizona, the world was introduced to Linda Maria Ronstadt. She is the third of Gilbert and Ruth Mary’s (née Copeman) four children.

Her dad was the boss at the family business, F. Ronstadt Co., where the family bought and sold machinery, while mom stayed at home to raise their three daughters.


They raised her and her three siblings on a ranch that was ten acres in size. She has European (German, English, and Mexican) and Latin American (Mexican) roots.

The profession of Linda Ronstadt

In the midst of the Sixties rock and roll explosion, she was fighting for recognition. She became the lead vocalist for the Stone Poneys, a folk-rock group that also featured Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards.


In 1969, she went solo with the single Hand Sown. It was also claimed that Hand Grown was the first alternative country album by a female musician.

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Husband of Linda Ronstadt

Linda has gone on several dates with guys but has never tied the knot. When Jerry Brown was California’s governor in the late ’70s, they began dating. Then, for around eight months in 1983, she dated comedian Jim Carrey.

Later, she was engaged to George Lucas, the filmmaker of Star Wars, for over five years, from 1983 to 1988.

However, she was never able to settle down since she never met a suitable partner. She is worth $135 million, though.

Children of Linda Ronstadt

She adopted a daughter, Mary Clementine, in December 1990 and a son, Carlos Ronstadt, in 1994; she never married.

Linda sold her house in San Francisco and relocated back to Tucson, Arizona in 1997 to raise her two children. However, circumstances necessitated a return to the Bay Area in more recent years.

Her Parents, Linda and John Ronstadt

The Ronstadt family, to which Linda was born, was featured in an issue of Family Circle magazine in 1953, demonstrating their wealth and success.


The F. Ronstadt Company, which Linda’s father operated, was a successful equipment trader, and Linda’s family was well-respected in Tucson; in fact, the city’s main transportation station was named after Linda’s grandfather.

Her mother, meanwhile, stayed at home to raise her. She has Michigan roots, as she grew up there. Lloyd Groff Copeman, whose middle name was Ruth Mary, was a prolific inventor and patent holder.

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Siblings of Linda Ronstadt

Out of her parents’ four kids, Linda was the third. Her brother Peter was the Chief of Police in Tucson, Arizona, for ten years (1981–1991) before going into the music business, and her brother Michael J. died at the age of 62 on August 7, 2016. Her sister Gretchen Ronstadt passed away at the age of 76 on May 8, 2015.

Those Who Have Dated Linda Ronstadt


From Jerry Brown and Jim Carrey through George Lucas and Linda, Linda has been in a number of short and long-term partnerships (engaged).

An Overview of Linda Ronstadt’s Background (her Childhood, Her Family, Her Race, and Her Nationality)

On July 15, 1946, in Tucson, Arizona, United States, Linda Ronstadt entered this world. She is 76 years old and has been performing under her given name, Linda Maria Ronstadt.

Gilbert Ronstadt and Ruth Mary Copeman Ronstadt are her parents. Her illustrious ancestors are documented in the archives of “The University of Arizona” for their monumental impacts on Arizona’s economy, culture, and more.


In addition, both her father and mother were musicians; the former played the guitar, the latter the ukulele.

She is the middle of three siblings; her other two siblings are Michael J. Ronstadt and Peter Ronstadt. She and her brothers had a guitar they used to play together when she was a kid. Linda is of Mexican, Spanish, German, English, and Italian ancestry and has American citizenship. Cancer is her zodiac sign.

Training, University, and Secondary Schooling

When asked about her schooling, Linda said that she had graduated from Catalina High School. As an added bonus, she enrolled in the University of Arizona, where she ended up being a year senior to local musician Bob Kimmel.


Kenny Edwards, a musician and composer, was another person she met. But she ditched her studies at that school to move in with Kimmel in Los Angeles.

How Much Linda Ronstadt?

Pop star Linda Ronstadt of the United States is worth an estimated $130 million. Light opera, country, rock, and even Latin music are just a few of the genres that Linda Ronstadt has worked in. She has won several awards including 10 Grammys, 3 AMAs, and an Emmy.

Net Worth: $130 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 15, 1946 (76 years old)
Place of Birth: Tucson
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.575 m)
Profession: Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Record producer, Actor
Nationality: United States of America