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In a Text Message, What Does Iks Stand For? (Demonstrated by Means of Examples)

In a Text Message, What Does Iks Stand For? (Demonstrated by Means of Examples)

Find Out What IKS Means When Texting With This Guide!

(Examples Provided)

Curious about the meaning of IKS in text speak? That’s simple; we’ll answer that question here. Continue reading, and you will understand what I mean. Here, we’ll define it and show you some examples of its application….

So, What Does IKS Mean When You See It in A Text Message?

That’s why we use the abbreviation “I know, seriously” (or “IKS”). It’s an expression of agreement used as an exclamation.

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It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before, and you can shorten it to IKS if you’re texting. It’s so easy to do, yet so useful.

When you’re pressed for time, an acronym might be your best friend.

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It’s simple to type them, and they’re practical since they say a lot with very few characters.

Exactly what does “IKS” stand for? One of the definitions of IKS is as described above. The image below is available for download in many file formats, so you can print it off or share it on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Pinterest.

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Webmasters and bloggers are welcome to use the image on their sites. Alternate meanings might be used in the IKS. Please scroll down to view its English definitions and five more translations into your language.

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Definition of IKS

The accompanying picture shows one English definition of IKS.

The picture file is in PNG format, so you may save it to your computer for later use, or email the image of the IKS definition to your contacts.

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