8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study


“I am unmotivated to study” or “I can’t get myself to study” are widespread phrases among students who face periods in which they must study. The reasons for the lack of motivation to study can be very diverse.

For instance, considering that what you learn will not be necessary, that the lesson is boring, you think that you will not get the grade you expect even if you study.

How to find the motivation to study? You can find the natural level, when the action to be done already gives you satisfaction for doing it, or at the external level, where rewards come into play. These two different ways can gain motivation. In the following article, you will find the types of motivation with examples.

Set small goals

 It is beneficial to set small study goals, such as focusing only on one of the exam topics, which will help us feel more fulfilled and increase our motivation.

This consideration is significant in preparing exams involving many topics, such as preparing for a competitive examination.

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Studying for them is a long-distance race, and staying motivated for so long is challenging, so it is important to feel fulfilled often.


When university exams are progressing, all compressed into the same two weeks, the stress increases, motivation decreases, and stress appear. Faced with this, we study for hours on end, morning, noon, and night.

Studying for long periods does not make you more efficient in your studies.

Learning for many hours is very tiring and directly limits our motivation. Taking short study breaks will help you disconnect your mind and be fresh and motivated when you start studying again.

Reward yourself

How do you overcome laziness in studying? Try to reward yourself after the intense hours of study. If while studying, you keep in mind that when you finish, you will be able to get what you are looking forward to, your motivation to learn will increase. However, remember to be honest with yourself. If you consider that you have given up and made an effort, reward yourself with a greater reward than on those days when your effort has not been the same.

Do the most challenging part first

When we start studying, we are fresh, possibly more motivated, and determined to start with the task. However, as the hours go by, our motivation and concentration decrease, and facing the most complex subject matter becomes more challenging. Therefore, start with what you find most difficult.

At the same time, if the task is too complicated for you or your skills need to be improved, you can ask someone to help you. For example, you can ask someone to explain a complex topic or read paperhelp org reviews. Because if you do something that exceeds your abilities, it can frustrate you and reduce your motivation.

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Think about the purpose of what you study

 However, our motivation will differ if we give meaning to what we study and think about what we can apply it to.

For example, we study languages such as English out of obligation or need, which may need more external motivation. On the other hand, if we study thinking that learning them will open up more job opportunities and allow us to travel and communicate better, the motivation to study increases.

Avoid distractions

Distractions such as phone notifications, going to the kitchen for a snack, and emails, … lead to a decrease in our motivation since you will see how the hours go by and you have yet to achieve what you had proposed. Leave all these distractions for the moments of rest; with it, you will also make them more rewarding.

Take into account your mood and level of energy

The mood is a factor that directly affects motivation. One day we may be very motivated to study, prepare everything we need to start, and suddenly, we receive bad news.

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Now, our mood will cause us to become demotivated, and it will be impossible for us to perform, do not force ourselves. It is essential to listen to yourself and know the correct times to study. It is indeed our obligation, but remember that being in a low mood to perform will be very difficult. In this situation, it is better to be flexible and find another time to devote to studying.

Give yourself a positive attitude

Another significant aspect of promoting motivation to study is to avoid negative cognitions such as:

 “I will not get it; I will never finish studying this subject; no matter how hard I study, I will not get the grade I expect; what I am studying will not help me…”.

We know that thoughts play a significant role in motivation, and therefore, you must think positively: “I know I will pass this exam; if others have succeeded, why not me; I have already faced this, and I am confident in my abilities” these thoughts will help you considerably to maintain your motivation to study.

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