What Caused Diana Dors’s Death? The Fatal Accident That Killed Diana Dors

What Caused Diana Dors's Death?

The Tragic Accident That Killed Diana Dors, Actress and film star Diana Dors dies away at the age of 91. However, the circumstances surrounding Diana Dors’s passing are unclear to some, therefore you may verify them here. What Killed Diana Dors.

What Killed Diana Dors?

Diana Dors, a famous film star, passed away at the age of 91. According to the news, Diana Dors passed away from ovarian cancer.

When and How did Diana Dors Pass Away?


Diana Dors, a performer in both television and film, died at the age of 91. According to official reports, Diana Dors’s death was caused by ovarian cancer.

Time of Year:

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The Parents of Jason Dors Lake

Diana Dors and Alan Lake, both in the entertainment industry, are Jason Dors Lake’s parents.

Family of Jason Dors, Lake

He was Alan Lake and Diana Dors’s son. He was the half-brother of Mark Dawson and the full-brother of Gary Dawson on his mother’s side.

He was Albert Edward Sidney Fluck’s grandson, having been born to Winifred Maud Mary Fluck.

Death at Dors Lake for Jason

On 11 September 2019, Jason Dors Lake would have turned 50 years old. He would not live to see his milestone birthday. On Sunday, September 15th, 2019, a message was sent to the Facebook page Diana Dors: The Legacy announcing his passing.


The note began, “Good morning, it pains me to notify you of the demise of Jason Dors Lake, Diana’s youngest son, at the age of 50.

Help me express my deepest sympathies to Jason’s family and friends by joining me in saying prayers for them. Jason, you should put out some major light. R. I. P.”

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Jason Dors Lake How Did Jason Dors Lake Pass Away?

The circumstances of Jason Dors Lake’s untimely demise are unknown. However, a statement said: ‘It is not known how he died but family and friends are said to be shocked at his sudden death.’

Who was Diana Dors?

On the 23rd of October 1931, Diana Fluck was born in Swindon, Wiltshire. She went on to have a long and successful acting career, featuring in films and television shows such as Just William, A Taste of Honey, The Two Ronnies, and Queenie’s Castle.


She starred in the music video for Adam and the Ants’ 1981 hit Prince Charming and in the films Adventures of a Private Eye, Keep It Up Downstairs, Theatre of Blood, The Amazing Mr. Blunden, The Amorous Milkman, and Steaming, among others.

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Death of Diana Dors

The Princess of Wales passed away on May 4, 1984, at the age of 52. Jason later acquired the rights to his mother’s estate and created a small business selling Diana Dors merchandise to her many loyal fans.


Factors Contributing to Diana Dors’s Untimely Demise

Ovarian cancer was what ultimately took Diana Dors’ life.

The Spouse of Diana Dors

Before her death in 1984, Diana was married to Alan Lake. Five months after the loss of his wife, Diana Dors, Alan took his own life in October 1984, at the age of 43.


During a 2012 appearance on The One Show, Jason talked on his father’s death, saying, “If he hadn’t of done that, I think he would’ve died of a broken heart anyhow.” I was in shock, it went beyond tears, it was a numb experience.”