Does Anyone Know What Happened to Chris Watts? He Is Now Appealing His Conviction While Incarcerated in Wisconsin.

Does Anyone Know What Happened to Chris Watts?

As soon as Chris Watts failed a polygraph, our people realized he was hiding information concerning his family’s abduction.

Chris eventually admitted to his father that he had murdered Shanann Watts in the face of mounting pressure from law enforcement. He also revealed the precise location of his body stash.


Chris first stated that he killed Shanann because she murdered their kids. However, he eventually admitted to the murders of his pregnant wife and their two kids. He pleaded guilty to the murders of Shannan, her unborn child, Bella, and Celeste to avoid the capital penalty and was given five life sentences and 84 years in prison.

Chris Uses His Time Behind Bars Writing to His Many Pen Pals.

In Waupun, Wisconsin, Chris Watts is locked up in the maximum-security Dodge Correctional Institution. The authorities had him locked up in Colorado at first but then transferred him to a jail in Wisconsin due to security concerns.


  • Because of the stigma associated with serial child murders, Watts has found peace and quiet behind bars. According to a source for People magazine, Chris is not accepted by his fellow inmates.
  • Everyone avoids him like the plague. He is the lowest of the low in the jail system. His safety is at risk if he were housed with the general prison population, hence he is currently in protective custody.
  • At first, Watts had his own cell, but now he has to share with child murderer Marcus’ MJ’ Johnson. David Carter, an inmate at the same facility, told The Daily Mail that he and Watts are friends.
  • The couple is hated by inmates according to Carter, but they are well protected by the jail staff. What he said was:
  • “Because of what Chris and MJ accomplished, they both receive numerous death threats from other inmates. Therefore, they couldn’t just pair either of them up with anyone. Many Dodge police officers see him and Dylan Tallman with disdain, but they do what they must to ensure his safety.
  • According to People, Chris is a man whose past sins continue to follow him about like a dark cloud. “He claims he can’t get his family out of his head,” the informant stated. Every day of his existence, “he is his own psychological agony. on a daily basis. At the top of the hour and each minute afterward. He felt a great deal of guilt and shame for his actions.
  • According to the insider, Chris wishes he could change his actions from the past. David Carter confirmed People’s source, telling The Daily Mail that Chris does indeed have recurring nightmares in which his girls stand in his prison cell and play catch with him. According to Carter, Watts has photographs of his girls but none of Shanann in his cell.

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Chris Dislikes Being in The Spotlight and Hasn’t Seen American Murder: The Family Next Door.

The entire depravity of Chris’s actions was brought out in Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door through the use of unseen footage and interviews. Chris, according to a source quoted in People, is not a fan of all the attention he’s been getting.


According to the insider, Chris has no plans to view the documentary. He’s interested in learning more, but “he hates even knowing that his texts are out there for the world to read,” the insider added. “It makes him think back on 2018 with dread.”

The family of Shanann wishes that the media would stop being so fascinated with this tragic situation, or at least contact them first.

Lawyer Steven Lambert told Inside Edition that his clients were unhappy with how Shanann and the kids were portrayed in Chris Watts: Confession of a Killer on Lifetime.

This story doesn’t give a true portrayal of Shanann, Bella, or CeCe’s real-life selves, hence it’s a fabrication. It hurts them when others go ahead and create things without consulting us first.

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Chris Despises the Holidays Due of Their Association with A Life He Will Never Have.

Chris Watts despises the winter season because it triggers painful memories of the life he no longer has. An anonymous source told People that Watts’s favorite parts of the holiday season were spending time with family and making decorations.


And the insider said, “He knows with absolute certainty that it will never happen again, and that it is his own responsibility.” “He created his own little hell for himself.”

Inmates are treated to a holiday feast, but it can’t compare to the food they’d have access to if they were outside. The article went on to say:

To put it bluntly, it’s just turkey and potatoes. The meal isn’t what you’d expect for Christmas dinner. It’s sadder in a way because it reminds prisoners that Christmas is coming and that they’ll be celebrating a watered-down version of the holiday behind bars.

Watts celebrates the holidays the same way he celebrates every other day: writing letters to his penpals. The insider went on to say, “He’ll write his penpals this season, and they’re writing him messages too.” It’s all he’s capable of doing right now. The Christmas season is particularly dreaded by him.

Chris’ actions, meantime, have not left his previous Colorado community unscathed. Even though Shannan’s parents have a $6 million lien on the Watts’ previous house, no one has purchased it. There are further liens on the property from the local homeowners association.