What Became to Serena Williams’s Dad, Richard? An Update on His Illness and Health

What Became to Serena Williams's Dad, Richard?

Well-known tennis player Richard Dove Williams Jr. is the father of Venus and Serena Williams. He suffered two strokes the same year. Chavoita Lesane, the man’s son, supposedly takes care of him. Williams, an Atlanta native, has been feeling under the weather recently.

On the biggest night of the US Open on Monday, Serena Williams’s ranking was 605th in the world. In the previous 450 days, she has only managed to win one singles match. The announcement of her retirement came earlier this month, and this victory is certainly fitting farewell. In this continuation, you will learn about her father’s condition and the ways in which she honored him.

Is Richard Williams, Serena’s Father, Alive and Well?

As far as we know, Serena Williams’s father, Richard, is still with us. His health has been declining for some time. The issue, however, is not the only one Richard faces. Unfortunately, he also has to cope with the aftermath of his separation with Lakeisha Williams.


Lakeisha is Williams’s third wife. In the years between 2010 and 2017, he was married to her. Williams and Lakeisha have been involved in a drawn-out legal struggle since Williams filed for divorce from Lakeisha in 2017. Lakeisha declared bankruptcy to protect her family’s Palm Beach, Florida, house from foreclosure.

Her attorney, Sara Lawrence, told the court that the couple had reconciled and that the divorce proceedings had made no progress since August 2019. After their argument, Lakeisha and Richard reportedly made up and are now living happily together.

Sara said that Lakeisha believes Richard Williams should foot the bill for her legal representation because of his financial standing. According to The Sun, Williams, who is 80 years old, is now living with his son since he can no longer care for himself or communicate with others.

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In-Depth Analysis of Richard Williams’ Illness and Health

As if his divorce wasn’t bad enough, Richard Williams’ health is failing. His incarcerated son, Chavoita Lesane, is taking care of him. Lesane, the son, has a lengthy criminal history stretching back 23 years, as evidenced by public documents.


Care for Richard has been provided by Lesane since 2016. Williams appears weakened in recent Instagram posts from Lesane’s account. Williams’s nervousness makes it difficult for him to communicate.

During the Last Round of The Us Open, Serena Paid Tribute to Her Father.

What Became to Serena Williams's Dad, Richard?

The first-round victory kept Serena Williams’s Grand Slam singles title defense alive at the US Open. Williams never came out and said it, but everyone got the idea that the US Open was it for her.

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The Court Has Shattered Glass?

Richard Williams’ commitment to his plan for Tennis superstardom is without question, but a recent disclosure from a former instructor indicates just how far the training sessions went.


King Richard’s Rick Macci (John Bernthal) informed The Sun that the court will be littered with shards of glass for practice.

According to Macci, “the one thing I knew Venus and Serena had is they’d run over shattered glass to fetch a ball,” which Is key to Williams’ strategy for both of them.