What was the Cause of Death of Jay Silverheels? How did Jay Silverheels Pass Away?

What was the Cause of Death of Jay Silverheels?

Professional Life and Personal Life

He was a tremendous performer who was active in both cinema and television.

His Lacrosse skills made him a household name as well.

His success in the acting world accounts for a large portion of his fame.

Silverheels impressed Joe E. Brown with his agility in 1937 when the two met while travelling with a box lacrosse team through Los Angeles.


It was Brown who encouraged him to take a screen test, which ultimately led to the beginning of his acting career.

Starring in The Lone Ranger from 1949 until 1957, Jay first gained recognition as a notable performer.

After The Lone Ranger ended its run on television, Silverheels’ Native American image persisted.

As a Native American fireman attempting to put out a forest fire, he featured in the January 6, 1960 episode of Rescue 8 titled “Leap of Life,” co-starring Jim Davis and fellow Canadian Lang Jeffries.

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Did He Raise a Family of His Own?

Mary Diroma was Jay Silverheels’ wife from the time they wed in 1945 until his death in 1980.

Jay Silverheels was previously married to Bobbi Smith before he wed Mary Diroma, a union that ended in divorce in 1943.


So, like many current A-listers, Jay Silverheels went through a divorce.

Jay Silverheels had six kids from two different marriages before he passed away in 1980.

How Jay Silverheels Died?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been shown to increase life expectancy. However, not everyone can benefit from this because of their jobs or other commitments. The need of maintaining good health increases as we age because our bodies get more restless.

An individual’s passing can be attributed to a wide range of factors, including illness, accident, suicide, and so on. It’s startling to hear that even young toddlers nowadays can get a wide range of illnesses.


Recently, several well-known people have gone away from a wide range of causes. Native Canadian actor and athlete Jay Silverheels is one of them. He entered the world on May 26, 1912, and went on to have a fruitful and widely recognized career.

Yet he is no longer here to be mourned. According to what we were able to gather from abtc.ng, Jay Silverheels did indeed pass away in 1980.

Their most often typed question is “how did Jay Silverheels die?” Our investigation led us to learn that Jay Silverheels died of a stroke (The information was sourced from abtc.ng).

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Why did Jay Silverheels Pass Away?

According to what was just read, Jay Silverheels passed away after a stroke. When his followers heard this, they naturally became concerned. In their time of grief, many famous people have reached out to the family of the deceased to express their condolences.


Death came at the young age of 110 for Jay Silverheels. His unexpected passing came as a shock to everyone. It’s in God’s hands, though.

Learn more about the life of the Indigenous Canadian actor and athlete with a brief read of the Jay Silverheels biography down below.