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When Did Lisa Beamer Get Married? Who Is Her New Husband?

When Did Lisa Beamer Get Married?

Author Lisa Beamer was born in the United States on April 10th, 1969. Widow of United Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, she rose to prominence after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. A 1991 Wheaton College alumna, she addressed her alma mater’s graduating class in 2011.

A prominent American author, Lisa Beamer is best known as the widow of the late Todd Beamer.

He was hailed as a hero for saving lives after the September 11, 2001 crash of United Flight 93. The tragic event is also known for its date of occurrence, September 11. The tragedy resulted in the deaths of many notable and ordinary individuals.

Similarly, Todd was one of the 33 oblivious passengers on the flight from Newark to San Francisco.

The jet was shot down as it attempted to crash against the US Legislative Building or the White House in Washington, DC.

More than that, “Let’s Roll!”

A book Lisa co-wrote with Ken Abraham in 2003 called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage tells the story of Todd and Lisa’s struggles to deal with her sorrow after the death of her spouse.

When Did Lisa Beamer Get Married, and Who Is Her New Husband?

Lisa Beamer has been single since her first spouse, Todd Beamer, passed away in 2001.

She was on Earth for the better part of her life alone, taking care of her kids and trying to keep her memory of her husband alive. As far as everyone can tell, Lisa is done with marriage for good.

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Discover the Children and Family of Lisa Beamer

Lisa Beamer is a mother of three, all of whom are grown up and on their own. Her unborn daughter Morgan Kay was five months along when she was attacked.

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What Is Lisa Beamer’s Real Age?

At the present time, Lisa Beamer is 52 years old. Her birthday is April 10th, and she entered this world in Albany, New York.

She was left a widow at the young age of 32 after she and her husband divorced.

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