What Is Duke Dennis Height, Weight & Body Measurement?

What Is Duke Dennis Height, Weight & Body Measurement?

 Who Is Duke Dennis?

Due to modern technology, many people may promote their talents on social media and streaming sites. Duke Dennis is a well-known YouTube gamer and video developer from the U.S.


The YouTuber gained fame by releasing NBA 2K videos. Duke’s videos have gained him a large following and revenue. Duke Dennis has 1.77 million YouTube followers.

Duke Dennis’ Height and Weight

According to a 2022 report, Duke Dennis is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Many reports say he’s 6.2 feet tall.

Dennies appears tall in Instagram photos, thus he may be above 6 feet tall.

Dennies his brother is 5’6″.

Dennis is athletic and muscular, weighing 70 to 75 kg.

He’s black and a Pisces.

According to rumors, he shows off his permanent tattoos on social media while recording videos.

Duke Dennis’ birthday is commemorated every year on February 26. He’s 28.

Where Did Duke Dennis Grow Up?

Duke Dennis was born in Georgia, Alabama, on February 26, 1994.

His parents are unknown since he is private.


  • Darius Dennis, his brother, has been supportive and appears in his YouTube videos.
  • Duke reportedly attended a Catholic high school and played football for two years.
  • As an adolescent, he made athletics his pastime.
  • Dennis’s sportsmanship earned him a scholarship at many institutions.
  • He played collegiate athletics after high school and won a scholarship.
  • Duke Dennis is mixed-race and American.

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Duke Dennis’s Career

Duke was a US army trooper who underwent rigorous training.

He wanted to play football in college, but he and a friend decided to join the army instead, derailing their plans.


  • Dennis was an administrator in Germany after basic military training.
  • During training, he allegedly had firefights with a companion.
  • He couldn’t finish military training and returned home to pursue another job.
  • In a YouTube vlog, he said, “He doesn’t enjoy being told what to do and found military routine difficult.”
  • Some sources suggest he entered the military because his mother wanted him to, but she rather he serves the nation to death when he finished training and went home.
  • He enlisted twice. He got booted out of training for using cannabis. The other school expelled him for firefighting.
  • Dennis quit the service in 2017 after talking to his sergeant.

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Duke Dennis Started YouTube.

He started on youtube in 2013, when he considered entering the army, and has not made regular videos owing to his emphasis on the military and its rigorous training.


  1. During that time, he couldn’t even use social media.
  2. He published a basketball video that went viral.
  3. After returning to the army in 2017, he posted videos like “greatest jump shot in NBA 2K17” and “Irate Trash Talker,” where he plays online NBA 2K17 with an angry opponent.
  4. Duke’s gaming content became viral, and his channel gained tremendous popularity globally.
  5. His videos quickly gained subscribers.

Duke Dennis Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Duke Dennis posts movies and photos online. He shared an Instagram photo of himself on a plastic stool. @dukedennis


The other shot shows Duke’s YouTube play controls.

Instagram: @dukedennis; YouTube: @Duke Dennis Gaming; Twitter: @ImDukeDennis

Duke has 1.15 million youtube subscribers worldwide.

Duke Dennis’s Net Worth 2022

Duke Dennis gets $100,000 to $300,000 via youtube.

He earns between $10,000 and $40,000 a year from YouTube ad views.

Duke Dennis is a rising celebrity that earns a lot of money, but he does so by pursuing his passion.

His mother wanted him to serve the nation; he attempted entering the army but failed, so he followed his passion and was successful.