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How to Recognization Muha Meds Fake vs Real?

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Muha Meds brand of THC vape cartridges on the dark web. Unlike 99 percent of bogus companies, the party behind this one seems to take great offense at being labeled “black market.”

You may remember that we have already proven that the Muha Meds cart brand is widely imitated.

There are 27 domains that all claim to be Muha Meds, an endless number of sellers on social media, and empty Muha Meds packaging for sale on every cart supplier’s website. Someone replied to us about the article, saying two things: (a) they are represented by a law company named “Pot Brothers at Law,” and (b) their license problem will get cleared up sometime.

We then went on to highlight more red flags about the Muha Meds brand, such as a bust of a fraudulent seller, controversies around their stated lab testing, and the creation of a viral Reddit meme.

After catching up on the previous episodes, we provide the most recent gossip around the campfire:

Muha Meds Claims to Have a Valid Michigan License.

Regular readers won’t be surprised by the transition from California to Michigan. Michigan’s history of law enforcement and regulatory occurrences is rather murky.


The “official” Instagram account for Muha Meds is where we start. For the time being, let’s treat that account as the “official” Muha Meds account, even though there are dozens of others. This account is locked and has nothing but a blank wall.

In spite of leaving the city with a Los Angeles, California license plate, they are really headed to Michigan. Then, let’s go on over to our license verification by state guide straight now (love that page, use it myself all the time). Indeed, Michigan’s recreational license registry is available online.

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That There Is a Company Called “michigan Investments 10 Inc.” Is True.

Any corporation’s legitimacy may be confirmed with relative ease. There is a listing for this corporation in any corporate index you want to name, such as

Not much more can be learned from their postal address of SUITE A, 108 S MAIN ST, ROYAL OAK, MI, 48067. Finally, the address is listed as 33 BLOOMFIELD HILLS PARKWAY STE. PO BOX 48304, BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI 100 That is, at least, a business park for corporations.


We’ve probably uncovered another mail drop, but it’s cool, something with that name does exist. In any event, cartridges with lab tests linked from the “official” Muha Meds website suddenly indicate “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.” as the testing agent.

From the product page, you may access each of these individually. Instead of using the Muha Meds brand name, the tests are referred to by the flavors of the cartridges themselves at Viridis laboratories.

We Still Don’t Know What!

First of all, Muha Meds had its beginnings in the Golden State of California. Somebody representing the firm gave us the runaround when we asked for help becoming licensed in Long Beach, California.

Aw, man, what the heck happened? How, therefore, did a firm in Michigan come to lay claim to them?


As for Michigan Investments 10 Inc.’s familiarity with Muha Meds, we have no evidence that they can tell Adam from Eve.

There is unquestionably no operational firm website, only corporate directory entries. Michael K. Khalil, an attorney with a “boutique” (their words, not mine!) law office, is named as the registered agent for Michigan Investments 10 LLC, among hundreds of other businesses.

Yes, there is something else. Using their shop locator page, Muha Meds claims that only Joyology stores carry their product. There are several locations around the state of Michigan, but in four out of five of them, Muha Meds is not included on the menu. You may get information about them in the Center Line shop.

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Great! so Who Is “Michigan Investments 10 Inc.”?


That other name, “Anonymous LLC,” just goes to show what a smokescreen a corporate license holder can be. The name “Michigan Investments” isn’t quite as vague, but it might as well be. We do see, glory bless it, an address listing, so let’s check that out…