Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne Confirms She Is Pregnant: Is It True? Everyone Wants to know this News!

Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne Confirms She Is Pregnant

Exciting News: Zoe Laverne Is Pregnant

The Instagram posts by the designer verified the news. In the caption, she said, “very pleased to have y’all see my kid develop!” after posting a photo of the positive pregnancy test.

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Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne Confirms She Is Pregnant

She also stated that her boyfriend, Dawson Day was the father of the kid. You’re going to be an amazing parent. That’s how much affection I have for you. thank you for changing my life so tremendously and making me the happiest girl on earth,” she added while uploading a photo of them together.

After Zoe revealed she was pregnant, she received a range of emotions.

Some of her followers were happy for her, while others were still bitter about her issue from last year.

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Response from Zoe to Haters

When confronted by online haters, the TikTok star did not hold back. Saying, “This is my child’s father.

Please, stop arguing that.

In what possible way would that make sense? Connor is a thirteen-year-old boy.

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Besides the kiss, nothing else occurred. Continue operating as usual.

Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne Confirms She Is Pregnant
Tiktok Star Zoe Laverne Confirms She Is Pregnant

Another post of hers read: “The number of individuals that have the courage to say sh*t about an unborn kid is so distressing and terrible. This speaks much about the current age group we now inhabit…

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and how many of you weren’t brought up properly!

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