What happened to Hinata, How did She die?


One of Naruto’s most popular characters had just died, and it had a profound effect on many of the show’s viewers. But Naruto’s plot was never the most predictable. Despite the widespread speculation, her demise is verified in Boruto.

Although she is still alive in Naturo, Hinata dies in Boruto. She gives her life defending her husband and son from the oncoming attack on Konoha.

It seems like Naruto and Hinata vanish together while protecting Boruto. In Naruto, she survives Pain because she has been mended and raised from the dead.

Since there are so many episodes of Naruto, this may sound as muddled as the series frequently does. Never fear, though; this convenient guide has all you need to know.

When did Hinata Pass Away?

Characters like Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi all meet their ends in Boruto because the protagonist can’t thrive without some degree of emotional turmoil. And so, the question remains, why does Hinata perish in Boruto?

What happened to Hinata, How did She die?

For one thing, she has a close relationship with her son Boruto and has been there for him while Naruto has been away. She is also very adorable and sweet, so when Kawaki or anybody else murders her, Boruto would react angrily.

Despite what you may have heard, Pain did not murder her in episode 168. If she had died, Sakura wouldn’t have had to try to heal her.

Only after being stabbed by Pain was Hinata finally able to recover. There were a lot of deaths and resurrections at this time.

What happened to Hinata?

After Hinata’s death, many fans speculated that the Jougan was actually Byakugan, who had been transferred into her body. Another “theory” suggests that Hinata sacrificed herself to protect Boruto when Naruto was away.

Although many have speculated that Hinata’s death may act as a catalyst for Boruto’s growth, this is yet to be proven. The animation of Boruto is only getting started.

What happened to Hinata, How did She die?

  • In addition to educating Kawaki, Naruto helps him with mundane tasks. To what extent does this include Hinata Hyuga, though?
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    If you want to know how Hinata and Kawaki are connected, you need to know how Kushina Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha are related.

  • Kawaki, a villager who shares a home with Boruto and Naruto, will be in charge of his training.
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    The writers of Boruto appear to be laying the stage for a battle between Boruto and Kawaki, with Kawaki eventually returning like Sasuke.

  • The death of Kushina, which occurred after Naruto’s arrival in the nation, was caused by Obito, a classmate of Minato Namikaze. Since Obito had been waiting for Kushina to become pregnant, the blame for her death eventually fell on Naruto.

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How did Pain Cause Hinata’s Death?

Never did Pain succeed in killing off Hinata. As seen in Episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden, when Pain utilizes his Universal Push on Hinata, he only manages to badly wound her. As a consequence, Hinata lost consciousness, but after Sakura performed her healing Jutsu, she was able to recover.

What happened to Hinata, How did She die?

The present state of Hinata’s health indicates that she will not expire in either the manga or the anime of Boruto. Nonetheless, she will sacrifice herself for her children while Naruto is abroad and will perish in the end.

Because Nagato was so focused on Naruto, he didn’t even glance at Hinata before stabbing her, and as a result, he missed the vital organ. True, but that’s how the manga portrays it.

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Where’s the evidence that Hinata Is no longer alive?

Hinata is a kunoichi and former Hyuga clan heiress. Her father disinherited her because he didn’t think she could handle being the clan leader and a ninja. But Hinata persisted, and she found a role model and an admirable person in Naruto Uzumaki.

Because she is a Hyga, Hinata possesses the Byakugan, a form of clairvoyance that allows her to see in a nearly 360-degree arc around her.

She plans on employing it to assist the other members of Team 8 in their routine surveillance tasks, namely by exploring the region for their target(s).

What happened to Hinata, How did She die?

  • Seeing 20 kilometers in The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata’s range of vision is impressive. She can teach people how to build their own Byakugan so that their strikes have the same precise accuracy as her own. The anime reveals that Hinata can see in the dark using her Byakugan.
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  • In the first episode, a scar appears over Boruto’s left eye. Although the specifics of his training are unknown, we may assume it was similar to Naruto’s two and a half years with Pervy Sage in terms of both risk and secrecy. A second possibility is that, like Naruto and Sasuke, he fled Konoha to meet Mitsuki.
  • Since he was more on Naruto’s side, he couldn’t have the Byakugan by himself, while Himawari was more on Hinata’s or the future Byakugan Princess’s side. Boruto is unable to obtain the Byakugan because of this.
  • Therefore, if he didn’t acquire it from Hinata, the only other people who might have given it to him are Himawari, Hiashi, or Hanabi; however, I very doubt that any of those people were present when he lost his eye, so I highly doubt that they gave it to him.
  • It has been noted, however, that Hinata will most likely be in the village when Konoha is murdered. It’s safe to say that Hinata will stop at nothing to protect Boruto, her husband, and their children. In response, she will meddle in the conflict the same way she did against Pain.
  • It’s possible for Naruto and Hinata to die protecting Boruto this time. Remember when Boruto had a cut above his right eye and he had a Byakugan? Given this, we can safely assume that Hinata was its rightful owner and the Byakugan was his.
  • The spin-off has gotten off to a strong start, with a few memorable storylines and top-notch animation that has fans wondering if Boruto can top the original. You guys can figure it out on your own!
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