Where’s Art Terkeurs Now? Biography, Married Life, Career & Much More!


Who Is Lysa Terkeurst?

American novelist Lysa Terkeurst has published 20 inspirational novels, including “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way.” She’s worth $500k to $1 million. Writing, authoring, and speaking are her main sources of revenue.

Where's Art Terkeurs Now?

Christian nonfiction author is a multiple New York Times Bestselling author with a significant fan following and lauded work.

She’s also the president of P31. Terkeurst had a rocky marriage and maintains her personal life and tribulations public so others might be inspired by her life of adversity and struggle.

Where Is Art Terkeurst Now?

Art Terkeurst is now living in Finland.

Partner of Lysa TerKeurst?

Lysa’s spouse is Art TerKeurst. 50-year-old Art Terkeurst. He’s U.S.-born. His birthday and astrological information aren’t online.

Where's Art Terkeurs Now?

According to LinkedIn, he works for Chick-Fil-A FSR. Terkeurst and his wife, Lysa, have five children, most of whom are missionaries or teachers. Adults, all. Lysa adopted Mark and Jackson during a vacation to Western Africa.

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Lysa Terkeurst’s Marriage Life

Divorce hit Lysa Terkeurst. She chose in 2017 to end her 25-year marriage sorrowful and anticlimactic. Her then-drug husband’s usage and adultery were to blame.

Sources say the couple has been experiencing conflicts for years, and despite her efforts to remain with her spouse, his actions have pushed her to ponder divorce.

Where's Art Terkeurs Now?

Terkeurst had a rocky marriage and maintains her personal life and tribulations public so others might be inspired by her life of adversity and struggle. She doesn’t provide personal details, she stated. It’s not that we want to brag.

I share enough to acquire insight. I aim to communicate God’s truth. It’s less about me than what God’s communicating. I desire to convey God’s truth.

What was the Reason for Reconciliation?

Her husband Art Terkeurst cheated on her and when confronted, he refused to stop. She wanted to focus on her charitable work after her divorce was finalized in 2017, but she was soon diagnosed with breast cancer.

Where's Art Terkeurs Now?Masterpiece

Long months of medical treatment for her cancer diagnosis and her incredible recovery brought her closer to her ex-husband, and they reconciled in 2018.

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