Are Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton Still Together? Everyone Should be Excited Here!


There were rumors circulating about the pair that won the US version of “The X Factor” and went on to become one of the most followed couples in the world and an inspiration to millions of people everywhere.

Alex & Sierra Break Up: 'X Factor' Winners Split As A Couple & A Band – Hollywood Life

There have been speculations that Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton had split up and that each of them wants to pursue solo careers and develop more independently of the other.

Their fans were understandably worried when separation rumors began to circulate; at the time, the two were riding high in their careers and releasing groundbreaking music as a duo. If the two were to ever go their separate ways, their respective audiences would never have the chance to hear their music again.

We have all the latest information and will be setting the record straight about what transpired in order to put an end to the speculations and reveal the truth to the supporters of this pair.

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Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton: Still Together?

It may come as a surprise to learn that the pair behind the popular YouTube channel “Alex & Sierra,” where they previously uploaded incredible musical collaborations every month, has been separated for a number of years.

We understand how distressing it must be to learn that a couple that was giving important pair goals is no longer together, and we know that many of you are already aware of all this.

X Factor's' Alex & Sierra Break Up as Couple and Musical Duo: 'We Will Cherish Every Memory' | Entertainment Tonight

Through their Twitter account, the pair broke the news of their breakup and expressed a desire to remain friends who are there for each other in good times and bad. Some years have passed, and in a recent interview, they hinted at the reason for their separation, which we would like to share here,

because many people have been left wondering why they would suddenly decide to take such a drastic step without even clearly revealing the reason behind their breakup.

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Alex and Sierra’s Journey together

We have a little highlight of the path taken by the pair who met on a Florida beach in 2009 and have since achieved great success in their chosen fields.

They had a chance encounter on a beach in Florida in 2009, and from that point on, everything wonderful in their lives together began. After three blissful years together, the pair entered and won the American music competition “The X Factor US” in 2013. This was the beginning of their rise to stardom.

X Factor' Stars Alex & Sierra Break Up As A Band, Couple - YouTube

They won the competition, signed with Columbia Records, and released their debut album, “It’s About Us,” in October 2014, to critical acclaim. Since then, the duo has continued to produce hit after hit, gaining a massive fanbase in a short amount of time. But their 2017 separation has resulted in them living different lives, and both are flourishing professionally and personally at the present time.

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