Is american vandal real or fake? Is the Netflix Show a True Story?

Is american vandal real or fake?

Before diving into American Vandal, the two-season Netflix original comedy that has everyone talking, there are a few things you should know (Some people are indeed wondering whether American Vandal is a true story.)

Is American Vandal Real or Fake?

In the first place, the first season of the mockumentary is all about jerks (literally.) Season two is also about a turd thief, and it stars the same two high school journalists as season one.

To add, neither season is based on a true story, nor is it a documentary in the traditional sense.


This is a parody. Spoilers for the story lie ahead.

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On the other hand, as more and more viewers have discovered, both seasons are very entertaining. (In September of 2018, Season 2 was made available to view on Netflix.)

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How the Makers of “American Vandal” Captured the Ideal True Crime Mood?

A new addition to Netflix’s library of “real crime” documentaries turns out to be fiction. Premiering on September 15th, American Vandal is a satire of the recent spate of critically praised real crime series.

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American Vandal is not a murder mystery, but rather a story about a shocking act of vandalism that occurs in a high school.

Since the events in American Vandal aren’t nearly as horrific as those in other true crime stories, the film isn’t based on a single real incident but rather draws from a number of other popular sources.


School vandalism is nothing new, but the scale of the crimes in American Vandals is unprecedented.

American Vandal’s central crime may be made up, but the real-life events that served as inspiration for writers Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault are not.

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Perrault told Bustle in an interview that “Tony and I both enjoy the genre very much. The proliferation of true crime documentaries prior to Making a Murderer served as inspiration. Certainly there was sufficient data to work with.

Perhaps most obviously, Yacenda and Perrault were influenced by the television series Making a Murderer, which helped launch the American obsession with long-form true crime documentaries.

On December 18, 2015, all ten episodes were released, setting a new standard for televised real crime.

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