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Top Ten Amazing Facts You did not know “How We Roll”!

Top Ten Amazing Facts You did not know "How We Roll"!

Top Ten Amazing Facts You did not know "How We Roll"!

When I was a kid, sitcoms were all I watched. CBS’s newest sitcom, How We Roll, is an attempt to revive that era. Tom Smallwood (Pete Holmes), who has recently been let off from his work, decides to pursue a career as a professional bowler.

Tom suspects he may be in over his head after making this decision, which has its fair share of pros and cons. But in a typical sitcom manner, the show is humorous and contains something for everyone.

This show could be worth adding to your queue if you’re on the lookout for something fresh to watch. In this article, we will cover 10 facts about How We Roll that you may not be aware of.

1.)The Events on Screen Are Based on Actual Events

For those who find the concept of How We Roll to be far-fetched, it should serve as more proof that truth is really stranger than fiction.

Tom Smallwood, a professional bowler from Michigan who has been in the game for over two decades, served as the inspiration for the show.

2.)The Show Is Based in Los Angeles, Where It Is Filmed.

How We Roll hopes to join the ranks of other iconic Hollywood productions like The Godfather and The Simpsons. All episodes were shot in the Los Angeles area, although we couldn’t discover any information on where exactly.

3.)The Show Has Social Media Accounts You Can Follow

More and more individuals are using social media to keep up with their favorite shows in recent years.

This has led to an increase in the number of television networks creating official social media accounts for their shows. Followers of the program on Instagram will be rewarded with exclusive footage and other material.

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4.) Both fresh faces and seasoned pros make up the cast.

Among the many things that set How We Roll apart is its stellar cast. There are a number of outstanding performers on the program, some of whom have been working for a long time and others of whom are just starting out.

There are many familiar faces here, like Pete Holmes, but you may also remember names like Chi McBride, Katie Lowes, and Tahj Mowry.

5.) It’s Uncertain Whether or Not the Show Will Continue

On March 31, 2022, the premiere of How We Roll debuted on CBS. There is currently no information on the show’s renewal for a second season.

It’s hardly unexpected that an announcement hasn’t been made just yet given how early in the season the program is. Everybody needs to be patient and wait to see how the series develops.

6.) Sixth, Bowling aversion is a non-factor in this entertaining show.

Some viewers might be put off by the fact that How We Roll is predicated on bowling. Keep in mind, too, that you needn’t have any particular passion in bowling to feel at home in the How We Roll community.

The sport serves as a backdrop, but the program is truly about a man pursuing his passion while juggling all the responsibilities that come with it.

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7.) Some of the reviews for the show have been less than kind.

There are many individuals who have developed a bad view of the show How We Roll despite the fact that it has only shown two episodes so far. A user by the name of eoswaldbigred reviewed the program and said, “If the first episode is any indicator, this is a dull, by-the-book sitcom.

It’s really bad since two of my favorite actors—Chi McBride and Julie White—are being underutilized. The writing isn’t great, and Pete Holmes, who plays the protagonist, is one of those comedians whose performances are too dramatic.

8.) The show wasn’t always called “How We Roll.”

Developing a program from the ground up is a time-consuming and difficult task. There have been several adjustments to the show’s format since it was first introduced.

The show’s first title was The Tom Smallwood Project. Before settling on How We Roll, the name was altered to Smallwood.

9.) In the first season, there are 11 episodes.

These days, it appears that most television series only air for a limited time. It’s unfortunate that How We Roll doesn’t offer much relief.

The first season only has 11 episodes, which is short even for a comedy. If the program gets picked up, here’s hoping subsequent seasons will be lengthier.

10.)The Show Is Set in The Middle of The Country.

Despite being produced in Los Angeles, the show’s Midwestern setting is where Tom Smallwood calls home.

The environment isn’t very important to the plot, but it helps set the stage for the bowling subculture, and viewers in the Midwest will like seeing their home region portrayed.

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