Why Dream’s Instagram Photo Is Going Viral?


Popular “Minecraft” streamer Dream, who always hides his face online, has now revealed a little portion of his appearance. There isn’t a ton of information available about Dream, but due whole an Instagram photo from August 8, his admirers finally got a glance at his haircut.

Included in the photo were a diamond sword from “Minecraft,” an LED Dream light, and a framed tweet from “Minecraft” content developer GeorgeNotFound.

Dream was shown in the picture covering his face with a stack of discs, and the caption said, “got your discs?” Dream is usually really good at hiding his identity as a faceless broadcaster, but this time he let one aspect of his look leak.

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Why Did Dream Instagram so Viral on YouTube?

Fans, however, have noticed that a section of Dream’s hair is visible above his sweatshirt, a detail that nearly appears staged.

Dream tweeted, “I’m not bald,” the day before his Instagram image. As several readers pointed out, Dream’s Twitter remark was widely interpreted to refer to the Instagram photo. On Twitter, he shared the same photo with the updated message, “‘Minecraft’ is really great.”

 Why Dream's Instagram Photo Is Going Viral?

It’s not an implausible theory that this may be foreshadowing a big disclosure of some sort involving the protagonist’s identity. Dream and his supporters have been talking about doing a face reveal event for some time now.

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Could This Photo Foreshadow an Impending Identity Reveal?

Dream put an end to the false face reveal controversy that had been brewing online for a few months.

However, Dream had announced a face reveal just before those reports emerged. He was eager to reveal his identity and had a plan on how to go about doing so.

 Why Dream's Instagram Photo Is Going Viral?

Speculation arose on Twitter as to whether or not the Instagram photo was setting for a revelation. Although it has been mocked online, a face reveal broadcast would be a natural next step for Dream’s career.

One fan even tried to decipher the streamer’s identity by looking for his face in the hole at the center of the picture’s disc. Others searched high and low for covert messages in the two photos.

Corpse Husband, another of Dream’s buddies, is similarly a nameless, faceless online sensation. While commenting on Dream’s photo, Corpse said, “something about faceless leos.” Other pals of Dream’s, such as Valkyrae and TimTheTatman, also left comments on the post.

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