Diamond Diagnosis Which Cancer Did Dustin Diamond Have? Everyone Wants to See Here!

Diamond Diagnosis Which Cancer Did Dustin Diamond Have?

Which Cancer did Dustin Diamond have?

Stage four small-cell cancer affected Dustin.

Usually lung-based, this cancer is very aggressive.

Small-cell lung cancer has two stages: restricted, where the cancer stays in the lung, and extensive, where it spreads.


Chemoradiation treats patients with chemotherapy and radiation together.

Patients with severe illnesses can get chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Stage four cancer has spread and is usually fatal.

Before Dustin’s death, a source told Us Weekly that his cancer diagnosis was grim.

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A source informed the publication: “He’s finishing his treatments. Very difficult. He stays positive despite his discomfort ”

Diamond also suffered from shingles, which produce severe body sores.

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When did Dustin Diamond have cancer?

After being transported to the hospital over the January 8 weekend, Diamond was diagnosed with cancer.


Dan Block, Diamond’s pal, verified his cancer diagnosis to The Sun.

Block said that the actor was scared to get treatment earlier for fear of ridicule.

Block told The Sun: “Its severity and spread are unknown.

“I wanted to say something because there’s people out there claiming it’s a scam – it’s not, Dustin is sick.

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When did Dustin Diamond die?

On February 1, 2021, the Saved by the Bell actor died of stage four lung cancer.

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Dan Block told The Sun that he died before getting to his bed after being transported home for hospice care.


Dan told Dustin he was hopeful about the future and felt he had weeks or months to live before his speech worsened.

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Dan stated: “On Thursday night, I knew it would be sooner.

“He told me he was dying and in a lot of pain, but he was hopeful about the future and felt he would have a few more weeks or months. Five months.”