What Does Chair Mean on Tik Tok? History, KSI, Inside Joke & More!

What Does Chair Mean on Tik Tok?

The Meaning of The Tik Tok Term “chair”

In September of 2021, a large number of TikTok users suddenly began spamming the comments area with the chair emoji.

The chair emoji was initially thought to be a serious contender to the well-known smiling face emoji, but it was subsequently proven to be a joke.


It has been speculated that @blank.

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antho, a TikTok user with over a million followers, was the one who first released a video explaining the joke to his audience.

He reassured his audience that they were “in on the joke” if they were watching.

Now the joke is everywhere on Twitter, and although some users are laughing at the new fad, others are using the social media site to voice their bewilderment.

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One user questioned the meaning of the laughing chair emoji, wondering how it could represent such an action.

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Another person commented, “I just watched someone use a chair as a laughing emoji,” before adding, “I am done with this generation.”

So, What Does This Chair Emoji Actually Signify?

Associating the emoji with humor is a recent development; it wasn’t originally intended that way.

The seat emoji is often used to symbolize stationary seats in a vehicle (such as an airplane, train, or bus), whereas the chair emoji has no official definition but is commonly used to allude to a portable chair.


Some Redditors have speculated that the emoji has a sexual connotation and suggest the sender wants the receiver to “sit on their face.”

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Which Company or People Are Responsible for The Development of Emojis?

Although Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist, created the first emoji in the 1990s, they didn’t become widely used until the 2010s.


Kurita is well-known as an interface designer, but his name is more commonly linked to the emoji.

Over 3,000 emojis covering topics such as emotions, countries, careers, and hobbies will be released by 2021.

In addition, skin tones have been added throughout time so that users can alter the representation of human skin in particular symbols.

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An Overview of the Origins of the Popularity of the Chair Emoji on TikTok Comment Section

The chair emoji is a unique TikTok trend since it largely exists in the TikTok comments area, as opposed to the content ideas or noises that often drive other TikTok trends.


For example, in April, user @blank.

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antho (who has more than a million followers and frequently makes new ‘inside jokes’ for his audience) released a video announcing the launch of a new inside joke.