Who Is Sabrina Carpenter Dating? All about her Ex-friend dating with Sabrina!

Who Is Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Sabrina Carpenter, an actor and singer best known for her role in Tall Girl 2, has been a staple of Internet discussion for quite some time. The 23-year-old has been combining her acting career with her singing career since she first gained fame.

And as Sabrina’s fame grows, so do her followers’ concerns about her privacy.

The dating histories of famous people have long been tabloid fodder. It’s also worth noting that some celebrities would rather keep a low profile, while others have no problem putting themselves out there. Exactly where does Sabrina stand, then? Sabrina Carpenter’s past relationships are detailed below.

The rumors of a romance between Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien are true.

It’s true that some women prefer dating older guys. Sabrina and Dylan O’Brien, who is eight years her senior, were allegedly caught engaging in PDA on September 9, 2022, in New York City, as reported by Perez Hilton through the gossip site Deuxmoi.


To make matters worse, it’s very uncommon for cribs to act as though they’re a pair while not being one. But now it seems like everyone thinks Sabrina and Dylan are dating.

Many viewers also wrongly assumed that Jordan Fisher and Sabrina Carpenter were an item.

The Netflix film Work It, in which Jordan again co-starred with Sabrina, is about a brilliant but clumsy high school senior named Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina), who forms a dance team in an effort to get acceptance to her preferred university.


Quinn and Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher) had terrific chemistry onscreen. This has caused many to speculate that the two actors actually had a romantic relationship off-screen due to their obvious chemistry. Despite this, Jordan is not involved in a love triangle because he is married to his high school sweetheart, Ellie Woods.

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It was speculated that Sabrina and Joshua Bassett were dating.

Some people in late year 2020 believe that Sabrina and actor Joshua Bassett were dating. To begin, in August of 2020, JustJared reported that Sabrina and Joshua were observed having lunch together in Los Angeles.


Many TikTok viewers assumed Sabrina and Joshua were a relationship since they both wore identical costumes to Halloween the same year.

In the past, Sabrina Carpenter has only been linked to fellow Disney graduate Steven Bradley Perry.

For those who have been following Sabrina for a while, you know that she has only had one public romance (the one that inspired “Emails I Can’t Stand”). Steven Bradley Perry has arrived.

Sabrina and Steven dated for three months in 2015, as reported by E! News. According to J-14, Sabrina told them that Steven had finally chosen to take his shot and had written her a note and sent it to her by ship.

When asked if she felt like a first grader, Sabrina reassured the media that she did not. “It had a lot of sugar and was delicious. Perhaps he had already made up his mind that I would accept.”

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Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett’s relationship ended, but why?

Joshua allegedly had an affair with Olivia Rodrigo before he started dating Sabrina. When Rodrigo’s song “Driver’s License” became a smash hit, his admirers immediately figured out the song’s true meaning.


Almost much of Olivia’s debut album “Sour” was obviously inspired by Joshua. Disputes arose online between Sabrina and Olivia’s acolytes.

Even Joshua’s mental health was impacted by listening to this album. He told People, “In the previous year, a lot of my worst nightmares came true.” But that experience taught me that no matter what, I can always count on being at least as well off as before. When asked about the backlash to the Sour album’s release, he replied, “I felt my heart absolutely collapsing.”