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I don’t know if I’m going to get killed for saying this or if more people than I give them credit for would agree, but it seems to me that 105.7 has declined significantly over the past five to six years.

They used to have a great selection of songs to choose from. In the past decade, metal bands including Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Slipknot, Mudvayne, 10 Years, Mastodon, and Pantera were staples at many venues, along with a variety of alternative rock acts.

 Let’s talk about 105.7

Now we’re stuck listening to the same 10 tunes over and over again. This station used to have a wide range of music, and now it’s basically just playing the same songs over and over again.

Andrew Santino visits the Rizzuto Show (2019) – 105.7 The Point

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When I first came here eight years ago, I had just gotten off work when someone requested Dig by Mudvayne.

The whole studio went wild. I recall when people would respond to hate letters with, “I would ask your mom what she thinks, but she’s a bit busy beneath the table right now.” For its borderline nature, I dubbed this station “Borderline Satellite Radio.”

It’s terrible that things aren’t the same now. They’ve played Greta Vanwant to be zepplin Fleet a hundred times already today, while all the decent music (including Stranded by Gojira, A Different World by Korn, and Let’s Get Out of Here by Madina Lake) has been demoted to pre-speech filler. Consistency is something I long for again.

Without meaning any disrespect to the other hosts, the Rizzuto Show is now the sole reason to tune in. Without them, I probably would have abandoned this station a long time ago.

Once again, I’m sure to be in the minority on this point, but surely I’m not the only one to have observed the recent decline. Forget about the new 105.7, bring back the old one.

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