Are Korey and Olivia Still Together? Did Korey Cheat On Olivia?

Are Korey and Olivia Still Together?

After winning Love Island USA season 3, people wonder if Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy are still together. Olivia started with Javonny Vega, who seemed to enjoy her.

Olivia and Javonny spent much of the season together, although their relationship remained platonic. Olivia and Javonny never dated any of the new males or ladies in the villa.

Javonny left Love Island USA after a dramatic re-coupling, while Olivia stayed. Olivia confessed to Korey after Javonny was eliminated. The show’s Casa Amor twist separated them. Korey thought they were unique after Olivia returned from Casa without a boy. Olivia and Korey won the season after staying together.

Love Island Season 3

The third American season of Love Island debuted on CBS and CTV on July 7, 2021. Arielle Vandenberg returns to host after Matthew Hoffman supplied voice-over narration. The third season of Love Island will air on Itvbe in the U.K. on August 30, 2021, from a villa in Ninole, Hawaii.

Why Did Korey and Olivia Split?

After winning the August season 3 finale, Korey announced on Instagram that he and Olivia were breaking up. Korey began with a lengthy post stating he was finally answering the relationship question at least 20 times a day. The pair didn’t want to reconsider their friendship.


Korey and Olivia’s time was amazing, and he understood he loved someone like Olivia. Both enjoyed Love Island. It was amazing, and he called it his happiest moment.

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Olivia’s Korey Cheated?

Olivia claims Korey had sex with another Love Island lady but did not cheat on her. She and Korey misunderstood, thus it wasn’t cheating. She said they left Love Island USA and attempted to work out their relationship, but it didn’t work.

From Josh and Shannon to Olivia and Korey: Which Love Island USA season 3  couples are still together? - My Celebrity Life %

Korey moved to Arizona to improve on their relationship, but it meant something else to them. Olivia said she discovered Korey had sex with someone else in Florida on the Atlantic City vacation. Florida Diaz confessed.

Korey and Olivia Split

Korey Gandy, from Virginia, and Olivia Kaiser, from Alaska, connected during Love Island USA Season 3. Fans chose the Original Islanders to win despite their late pairing.


After their villa vacation, they saw each other without a label. Korey announced their breakup three months later on Instagram.

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Why Did Korey And Olivia Break Up – FAQs

1. What is this reality Tv show about?

The third season of love island is an American version of the television reality program which premiered on CBS in the United States and CTV in Canada.

2. When did the show air?

It got premiered on July 7, 2021 in USA and Canada. 

3. Who had hosted the show?

The show was hosted by Arielle Vandenberg.

4. Did the host return to this season after a long time?

 He returned to the host series after Matthew Hoffman provided voice-over narration.

5. Where was the third season of Love Island filmed?

The third season of Love Island was filmed in a villa which is located in Ninole, Hawaii and it will be on Itvbe on August 30, 2021, in the U.K.

6. Why Did Korey And Olivia Break Up?

Korey had sexual contact with someone else during the Florida trip, Olivia stated, and she found out about it on the Atlantic City trip. Florita Diaz, subsequently confessed.

7. When did Korey announce they break up?

Korey confirmed their split three months later in a lengthy Instagram post from November 2021.