Is It True that Christine Quinn Has Had Plastic Surgery?

Is It True that Christine Quinn Has Had Plastic Surgery?

Christine Quinn’s hair-flicking drama will carry us through 2020, love her or hate her. The Selling Sunset star’s bluntness has gotten her into issues with other cast members, but we love her and her ability to sell million-dollar homes.

Is It True that Christine Quinn Has Gotten a Boob Job?

Christine’s stunning dresses and fancy handbags are the highlights as she parades around some of Los Angeles’ most extravagant mansions.

The 5 feet and 9 inches tall beauty is famous for her grand entrances and extravagant parties. Extremely extravagant (think zebras at the engagement party and snow falling as you go down the aisle).

Christine manages to appear badass even while she’s nursing a hangover, and everyone wants to know her secret.


Christine is in fantastic condition and clearly isn’t camera shy, as seen by her recent appearance on the cover of Maxim magazine. At her birthday dinner, Christine opens out to her co-stars about her recent breast augmentation surgery.

A breast augmentation uses an implant to enhance the breast’s size, shape, or fullness. Christine may have asked for fuller, rounder implants that would still be proportional to her body.

Depending on the patient’s existing breast tissue and the surgeon’s advice, several options are available for accomplishing this goal, including the selection of implant form, size, and location during surgery. You should expect to pay between £5000 and £6000 on the low end and £12000 to £15000 for this operation.

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Have we seen Christine Quinn have Botox?

She and her new husband like traveling the world, but when they’re not doing that, she’s busy throwing Botox and burger parties to promote her million-dollar properties.

It’s well knowledge that Christine occasionally uses Botox. When compared to older photos, the Selling Sunset realtor looks to have less frown wrinkles and a smoother forehead.


This indicates that she has just undergone anti-wrinkle injections in the forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet), a procedure commonly referred to as “Botox.”

As the muscular function gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to emerge, and the therapy featured on the show will need to be repeated after three to six months. It’s crucial that you go to a professional Botox injector.

Christine may have undergone non-surgical lip fillers. Her top lip now has more definition and seems fuller. As a general rule of thumb, you may anticipate to pay anywhere from £200 to £1000 for lip fillers, while the exact price will vary from provider to provider and based on the amount of filler utilized.

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As Christine Recently Revealed to Vogue.Co.Uk

“A candid discussion of plastic surgery is something I strongly support. It’s crucial in a society where social media perpetuates an unrealistic ideal of beauty, leading many to suffer from body dysmorphia.


Many people mistakenly believe that [this or that] is genuine. I’m always bragging about how much Botox and makeup I use, and how I get my boobs and lips done.”