A Golf Cart Can Be Operated By An Orangutan!

A Golf Cart Can Be Operated By An Orangutan!

In January 2022, late-night presenter Stephen Colbert made a viral video of an orangutan allegedly operating a golf cart widely known.

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Below is the original video, which has been available online since at least September 2021.

A Real-Life Video of An Orangutan Operating a Golf Cart Is Available.

This video was recorded in Dubai at Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum’s menagerie, a collection of exotic creatures held in captivity for display.

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Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum is the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s prime minister.


Rambo is the name of the orangutan in this video. Rambo’s age or how he wound up at this zoo are just a few of the details we haven’t been able to uncover, but we have uncovered a number of additional footage of Rambo and other animals in Sheikha Fatima’s zoo.

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For instance, German businessman Saygin Yalcin shared a video of his visit to this personal zoo in 2019.

In Yalcin’s film, after bottle-feeding several lions that are restrained to the ground, a group of orangutans wearing human attire can be seen.

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Rambo first shows on the screen at roughly the 5-minute mark, and another video showing the orangutan operating a golf cart appears at around the 6-minute mark.

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There are more Rambo videos on Anamalia, a YouTube channel Sheikha Fatima runs to highlight the “amazing animals homed in her coastal refuge.” Rambo has been driving since he was a young child, and in one video, it is claimed that he has progressed from driving toy cars to driving golf carts.

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