Has Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery? These Before and After Photos


Since becoming a musical phenomenon, Ariana Grande has been accused of cosmetic surgery. Fans still wonder if she had a nose job, lip fillers, or other cosmetic surgery.

She looked different from her Nickelodeon days, sparking conjecture. After starring as Cat Valentine on Victorious from 2010 to 2013, social media users questioned why Ariana’s eyes looked less round and expressive than how they used to — some even thought she had a doppelgänger.

Before and After Photos of Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery

There have been rumors that Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery. Her fans are concerned that her drastic change is the result of cosmetic procedures. Even yet, she has never confirmed or denied the claims. Let’s investigate the reports that Ariana Grande has had plastic surgery.

Lift your brow

Grande has probably raised her brows. A brow lift sometimes referred to as an eyebrow lift, browplasty, or forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that raises a drooping brow and reduces forehead wrinkles.


Ariana wanted to furrow her brows even though she is much too young to be bothered by wrinkles. She probably choose an endoscopic eyebrow lift, which entails creating small incisions above her brows to raise them.

Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose

Without a doubt, Ariana’s nose has changed a lot over the years. Her before and after photos show that her nose has shrunk in size. According to reports, she may have undergone a second nose surgery last year to raise the top of her nose.

Has Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a “nose job,” is a plastic surgery procedure that modifies the shape of the nose. Although we are unsure if Ariana had any medical issues with her nose, we can assume that she opted to have it structured.

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Cheek and jaw changes

Her cheeks have also appeared fuller to her fans than before.


Ariana may have also had fillers or jaw implants to lessen the prominence of her chin.

Lip fillers

In order to increase lip fullness, lip fillers are utilized in lip augmentation procedures. The pop singer’s appearance has undergone a substantial and ongoing shift.

The “before” pictures of Ariana show that her lower lip is larger than her top lip. After the photo in 2017, Ariana’s lips are much fuller.

Has Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery?

Some may even refer to this as a “trout pout,” where the lips are grossly overfilled. Regardless, Ariana still has gorgeous lips. Even though we don’t know what kind of lip filler Ariana employed, the cosmetic surgeon did an excellent job because there were no visible ridges or lumps.

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Implanting breasts

Additionally, there are rumors that the artist had breast augmentation surgeryHas Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery? . She doesn’t have a flat chest, but she does have small breasts, which is normal for a small woman.


The size of Ariana’s boobs is the same both before and after the procedure.

Lifting the Butt

An Instagram butt photo that Ariana Grande previously shared went viral. She had no visible signs of surgery on her bottom, even though she was wearing tight-fitting pants.

Has Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery?


Except for the pop diva herself, no one is certain whether Ariana Grande’s facial alterations are the result of plastic surgery, makeup, or just aging.

Ariana has vehemently denied getting any type of minor cosmetic surgery. They are probably unconcerned about it as well. We do know that she is beautiful.